Twitter Television and Pandas [Video]


Twitter has influenced social media as a whole, as well as television and more interestingly, pandas. The social media website that spawned the hashtag is now a widely used and talked about platform, generating thousands of thoughts and ideas every second. The famed Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, has made Twitter an integral part of his public life, tweeting and mentioning the platform often. Fallon has even honored the platform and his success through it by naming a panda after Twitter. Just when people thought that Twitter, television and pandas could have nothing in common, technology is here to change their minds.

Fallon has adopted Twitter as a part of his skit nearly every show. He has used the platform for just about everything, including buying a truck. Recently, Fallon mentioned that a captive panda in China was depressed, so its caretakers gave it a television. This of course meant to Fallon that the panda could be watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon at that very moment; he wanted nothing more than to make that panda happy, so he had a person in a panda costume dance around his set. The host then asked the Twitter world to name the costumed panda, which ended up being the top trending topic on Twitter for the entire world in that moment. Tweets concluded that the costume panda should be named “Hashtag” in honor of the platform used to come up with the name.

Twitter has risen to the top of social media with rapid success. In one years’ time Twitter gained 82 percent of its followers, many of which are businesses or famous individuals. At the end of last year Twitter was estimated to have 400 million users. A person can follow just about anyone they wish to on Twitter, and there is no friend request hurdle like that of Facebook. Every Twitter user has the ability to tweet in response to an idea, as was seen with Hashtag the panda, as well as follow their favorite television stars or program.

The influence that the internet has on the world is not a new phenomenon; its hold will continue to change the world. The fact that seemingly unrelated entities can become related through social media is a fascinating concept to many, and a confusing concept to others. Twitter itself has worked its way into other realms of social media, with Facebook adopting active hashtags, as well as Instagram.

Social media is not going anywhere anytime soon if its popularity is any indicator. Twitter especially can be used for so many different outlets; users can utilize the platform for anything from networking to finding work. Social media spans its reach to bring people together for often simple fun, like deciding a name for a panda. Television is the missing link in many scenarios, as is seen with watching the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. When social media first hit the scene years ago, predicting that it would be this much of a game-changer would have been impossible. Had a person from the 1980’s been told that one day Twitter, televisions and pandas would all form a relationship, the reaction would have been “what is Twitter?” Behold the social networking platform on its way to the very top.

By Courtney Heitter


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