Zodiac Killer Murdered JonBenet Ramsey and Jimmy Hoffa?

Zodiac Killer
Former U.S. Detective, John Cameron, wrote a book, in which he claims that he found out who famous Zodiac killer is and who murdered the little beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey and union boss Jimmy Hoffa. Although decades have passed between the Zodiac killings and the death of those two victims, Cameron believes that they were both murdered by the same person.

It is still unknown, why the 6-year-old JonBenet from Colorado, had to die on Christmas day, 1996. The body of child beauty queen was found eight hours after her disappearance and her killer was never found. Ramsey’s parents claimed that they found a letter in the house, in which the perpetrator demanded $118,000 ransom. It was the same amount of money that girl’s father received in 1996, as an allowance at work. The police officers never found any relevant evidence, so the theory prevailed, that JonBenet was killed by her parents, who were found innocent at the court.

Jimmy Hoffa, who was a U.S. labor union leader, disappeared without a trace on July 30, 1975. He was 62 years old at that time and it is widely believed that he has been murdered. Hoffa was last seen outside a suburban Detroit restaurant, Machus Red Fox, and after that, he vanished. According to what Jimmy had told others, he was allegedly there to meet with Anthony Provenzano and Anthony Giacalone, who were Mafia leaders. Provenzano and Hoffa were quite close, since Anthony was also a union leader with the Teamsters, New Jersey. Jimmy’s wife reported him missing when he didn’t return home that evening. The police found his car on the parking lot in front of the restaurant, with no sign of Hoffa or any indication of what happened to him. An extensive investigation lasted seven years and in 1982, Jimmy Hoffa was declared legally dead. Provenzano and Giacalone both denied having a meeting with Jimmy. His disappearance remains a mystery and has given rise to many theories as to what happened to him.

Former U.S. detective and prison employee, John Cameron, who has built his career on cold cases, claims that he knows who killed Ramsey and Hoffa. According to Cameron, their killer is Edward Wayne Edwards, one of the most intelligent serial killers, who allegedly killed many other people. Cameron is convinced that Edwards is the legendary Zodiac killer, who was on killing spree in California between 1960 in 1980. John Cameron is well aware of the fact, that there are a lot of skeptics, who cannot believe that one person could be responsible for several unexplained murders, but he said that he only followed the evidence. And according to that evidence, Cameron concluded that Zodiac killer murdered JonBenet Ramsey and Jimmy Hoffa.

Edwards was a convicted killer, but he did not get caught until 2009, when he was 76 years old. He confessed for five murders in Ohio and Wisconsin. Edward killed a young couple in 1977 and then another couple in 1980. He also murdered his foster son in 1996, to claim $25,000 of his life insurance. Based on Edward’s autobiography, which he wrote in 1972, Cameron noted that he has been hovering in the areas of unexplained murders. Edwards died of natural causes in 2011.

Cameron started to investigate the murders of Patricia Kalitzke and Lloyd Bogle from Great Falls, Montana, who were murdered in 1956. He worked in the Deer Lodge prison in Montana and met Edwards there. Cameron found clues in Edward’s autobiography, in which he described his criminal career between 1945 and 1967. Based on the information he read in the book, Cameron started to believe that Edwards is in fact the Zodiac killer and also the murderer of JonBenet Ramsey and Jimmy Hoffa. The clues in the autobiography, on which Cameron encountered, also led him to Great Falls murders. He followed some other clues in the book and is now convinced that Edwards is one of the most brutal killers that ever lived.

By Janette Verdnik

Daily Mail
Great Falls Tribune

2 Responses to "Zodiac Killer Murdered JonBenet Ramsey and Jimmy Hoffa?"

  1. Margene Morrison   September 29, 2014 at 3:54 pm

    There are other good suspects: Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee. Compare her handwriting to that of the ransom note. Also another good suspect should have been Mr. Al-Turki who’s recently gotten closer to freedom because of the Obama Administration reducing his sentence. The basement seems to be his kinda place. I was just wondering if he was in Colorado the year that Ramsey was killed. Yes, he arrived in 1995. Why did he come up on my radar? The reference to “a small foreign faction.” It would seem that his wife would want to be near her husband even if he was in prison. Or at least his maid/slave girl would know America was safer than the Middle East. But perhaps one of them accompanied him and was getting out of Dodge. Yes, he got a shorter sentence even if he had Clements murdered for not giving him a transfer! Saudi Oil once again!

  2. Ian M.   May 1, 2014 at 11:24 pm

    This guy was doing nothing more but looking for attention. I HIGHLY doubt that one man would be behind so many infamous and iconic murders…

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