Cameron Diaz Rumored to Be Dating Benjii Madden

Cameron Diaz is rumored to be dating rocker Benjii Madden, one of the lead members of the band Good Charlotte. The two have been spotted recently in close company to each other on more than one occasion.

Diaz, 41, was seen leaving a Los Angeles gym with Madden, 35, after which she proceeded to drop him off at the Montage Hotel before venturing on a solo grocery trip. This is not the first time they have been seen together recently; just late week, the actress and singer both attended the launch of osteopathic expert Vicky Vlachonis new book The Body Doesn’t Lie.

Sources report that the two are simply enjoying each others company for now and are in no rush to put a label on what they have nor to declare it serious.

Even though Cameron Diaz is now rumored to be dating Benjii Madden, this is certainly not the first celebrity the actress has been linked to in terms of a love interest. The award winner and leading star of the recently released comedy The Other Woman famously dated former N*Sync member turned worldwide superstar Justin Timberlake from 2003-2006, a power couple relationship still talked about to this day. The actress has also been involved with 30 Seconds To Mars front-man Jared Leto, as well as baseball player Alex Rodriguez. Needless to say, Diaz is certainly not starstruck when it comes to dating other celebrities.

Madden has also had his share of celebrity partnerships. The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous singer was previously engaged to singer, actress, and model Sophie Monk, of the short-lived Australian girl band Bardo. He has also been linked to Paris Hilton, great-granddaughter of Hilton Hotels founded Conrad Hilton, and star of the now cancelled reality show The Simple Life. Incidentally, Madden’s brother Joel, also a part of Good Charlotte, is married to Hilton’s former co-star Nicole Richie, daughter of singer Lionel Richie. Madden was also rumored to have ties to formerĀ Girls Next Door star Holly Madison.

Diaz is known for her opinion that everyone will get cheated on at some point in their lives, and that while she believes that the concept of soul mates can exist, she does not feel as though people have just one person on which they can connect to on this level. In terms of her views on herself having a soul mate, the actress has stated that she feels there are far too many different centers of her soul to be satisfied by just one person, and that to satisfy them all would take multiple love interests.

This does not mean, however, that Diaz has ruled out the possibility of true love. She does believe that it can eventually happen, but that one should allow it to come to them, rather than seek it out personally. The actress believes that this heightens the possibility of it turning into something real.

Although Cameron Diaz is rumored to be dating Benjii Madden, this has yet to be confirmed. However, the actress does seem to be enjoying getting to know the singer and taking any possible relationship progress as it comes.

by Rebecca Grace

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