Google Will Introduce New Translation Technology



The search engine giant known as Google has expressed intentions to acquire technology from another company by the name of Quest Visual, who have developed an application that translates words in other languages. Google intends to use the technology and application from Quest Visual in order to boost the efficiency of their already developed application by the name of Google Translate. With this acquisition, Google will introduce new translation technology.

Google announced on Friday that they plan to acquire the application. The current application is known as Word Lens. The application reads text through the camera that is equipped on all smart phones and other compatible devices. Once the application has captured an image of the text, it then superimposes the translation of the words that were captured by the smart phone camera. The particular translation language is selected by the user. Quest Visual offers their downloads for availability in separate “Language Packs.” The packs serve the purpose of allowing users to have access to the translation software without the use of a network connection while they are travelling in different parts of the world.

The Word Lens application has received numerous positive reviews from different media sources. The Wall Street Journal’s Ben Rooney gave the application a score of four out of five and used the word “magic” in the review. David Pogue of the New York Times put Word Lens in his 2010 list of best technological ideas of the year. The Word Lens application was also selected as a finalist for best technology achievement at the 2010 Crunchie awards. The company’s founder, Otavio Good was the winner of  the world technology award for the category of IT-software. The application was also demonstrated on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Thanks to the acquisition made by Google, the Word Lens application is now available free of charge on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. There is currently no word yet on when Google will introduce the new translation technology that it is developing on the market.

The company, Quest Visual, is an augmented reality developer that was founded in 2009. They are currently headquartered in San Francisco, California. They were founded by a former member of the game development company Electronic Arts, Otavio Good. Aside from their founder the company only possesses one more employee, John DeWeese, who was also formerly employed by Electronic Arts in order to develop a video game called Spore.

The earliest version of the Quest Visual product called Word Lens was developed in 2010 and was supported for the iPhone and some of Apple’s other devices. The minds behind the application’s creation include the founder of the company, Otavio Good, as well as John Deweese, Maia Good, Bryan Lin, and Eric Park.

Google has yet to disclose the exact amount that was paid for the acquisition of the Quest Visual corporation. It is also unclear if the Word Lens application will continue to run as it has been since its release, or if after complete acquisition, they will have Google take over everything completely. Corporations acquired by Google, as well as the customers behind those corporations, know that in most cases when Google takes over that the company is usually rebranded under the new name. Google will introduce their new translation technology that features Word Lens features soon.

By Mike White

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