Gwyneth Paltrow Said What?

Gwyneth PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow has been the subject of attention since the 41-year-old actress had a “conscious uncoupling” with front man of Coldplay, Chris Martin. The Iron Man star has always dabbled in many different ventures from covering the culture and food of Spain for the PBS television series Spain…on the Road Again to being a food writer and creator of the e-commerce company website Goop. The actress has also been showing off her pipes singing Coming Home from her film Country Strong to appearing on the hit TV series, Glee. The American mother of two also collaborated with Chef, Mario Batali to write the book Spain…A Culinary Road. Now the actress is putting her fingers into another proverbial pot, the Internet, and you will never guess what, the now Internet philosopher, Gwyneth Paltrow said.

The place was at the Code Conference which is a tech conference where the top dogs of corporations like Google and Microsoft speak about the next new big tech toys. The conference was held on Tuesday, May 27 and was hosted by Re/code. The reason the actress was there at all was as founder of Goop. Goop is a digital media and e-commerce company that focuses on saving the time of its readers, simplifying  their lives and to getting them to feel inspired. The speech took the sites reputation to a whole new level, one where people could come together and not be afraid of being judged, objectified or dehumanized by others without any consequences or fear like so many other Internet sites seem to do.

“Facebook actually started as a place to judge women,” Paltrow said, “on their pulchritude or lack of it.” The actress continued to say that it is “Fascinating that a company that’s so huge and that would come to define much of the modern Internet was founded on this objectification of human beings.” The Academy Award winner spoke of issues that have plagued the Internet since its popular inception. The fact of anonymity and how it allows people to have the courage do say things without any fear, to bully and even to become Internet trolls. Paltrow explains how nothing on the Internet is “real” rather that ones natural feelings and reactions towards the Internet are. The actress gave an example of an Internet troll who tweets angrily to a celebrity over some dress that the troll dislikes. Paltrow describes that the false twitter account is really nothing more than a mask, the picture mere pixels on a computer screen. The actual feeling of the troll’s anger is, however, very real to them.

“Perhaps the Internet has been brought to us,” Paltrow said, “as a test in our emotional evolution.” The Goop founder continued to explain that ones growth and maturity is “being able to experience an external event and creating the space within to contain that experience.” Paltrow explains that people should love the Internet but to know that it is not real and sometimes is a very dangerous place. The negative, hurtful and anonymous comments worry Paltrow not only for her children but the entire next generation where people can be so hateful and not learn or experience the truth of being so vicious to someones face.

The Iron Man actress has a point and a serious one at that. We live in an Internet world where it seems OK to be able to write very hurtful things and have no repercussions. What Gwyneth Paltrow said at the Code Conference was very insightful and something everyone should think about. Technology has surpassed humanity at this point which leaves the future in a very vulnerable position. How do people deal with these negative occurrences and these cyber bullies? Paltrow sums it up saying, “Above all, to not give a f*** if the Facebook guys think we’re hot or not.”

By Derik L. Bradshaw


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    “Post-It Trolls”:

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    Get over yourself. ..


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