Food Prepared With Vegetables and Fruits Stands Top for Good Health


Food is essential to stay healthy. To explain more about this fact, every vegetable has certain vitamin values. For example spinach is rich in vitamin A. Tomato is a citrus fruit and has plenty of C vitamins in it. This is the biggest secret to stay away from obesity forever. When it comes to the aspect of overweight, it could be hormonal imbalance or over appetite levels or frequent intake of wide varieties of cheap fat foods. Amid of this, food that is prepared with lots of greens, vegetables and fruits stands top for good health.

Beginning from chocolate biscuits to potato chips/wafers and French fries, there is certain amount of fat in every pack of ready-to-eat foods. There is a limit on the quantity to be consumed. But when it exceeds beyond the capacity of a body, it begins to add fat. It can also explained as, having a pack of potato wafers would be acceptable to the system whereas if a pack of 5 or more have been consumed, there is fat already stored that builds weight. Calculating BMI (Body Mass Index) every month would help in making a self-assessment of food habits.

Some of the good practices of healthy diet include vegetable salads. For instance carrot and cucumber salad, corn and onion salad, cilantro in sprouts, mint chutney on brown bread, sandwich with lettuce and tomato or any other inventively designed breakfast or meal would be ideal to enhance health.

The above detail does not confirm the fact that foods outside should be avoided completely. There are many companies that are HACCP certified in marketing ready-to-eat foods. But keeping a balanced diet that helps the system to enjoy healthy levels is definitely counted upon and this even helps in keeping away body pains, headache, joint pains, anxiety or any sort of fatigue. Nutritionists’ advice is to have a diet chart or to follow a meal plan every day. The platter must have proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins.

Food at home must be prepared at least once or twice in a week if there is a busy work schedule. Use celery, asparagus, spinach, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, cilantro, mint, onion, spring onions, lettuce and potatoes in daily meal. Vegetables work on weight control whereas fruits add health and detoxify the body daily. Oven at home can help in preserving the proteins as a large percentage of proteins are lost in over cooking of vegetables.

Fresh fruit juice and vegetable juice contribute a lot to the weight control and physical fitness. Fresh raw tomato juice, radish combined with tomatoes, cucumber and carrot are ideal in the morning. Vegetable rolls are also good for morning breakfast or for evening snack. These are some of the healthy methods to stay away from any seasonal or off season sickness.

Ancient herbs ginger and garlic have already proved to be immeasurably rich in medicinal values. Ginger can keep away cold, cough and inflammation whereas garlic naturally brings down cholesterol maintaining a healthy heart. Food prepared with vegetables and fruits will not only be delicious and savory but it will always stand at the top.

Opinion By Arundhathi Enamela


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