Marilyn Manson Cast for Final Season of ‘Sons of Anarchy’

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson has been cast for the final season of FX’s Sons of Anarchy.  After the dynamic and shocking conclusion to season six, the critically acclaimed and hugely popular show about outlaw bikers will enter its seventh and final season, which will air this fall.  Manson actually approached the show’s producers, asking to be a part of it, stating that he and his father were huge fans of the show.  Manson went on to say he wanted to make his father proud by being part of the show because they both love it so much and because the central theme of the show deals with relationships between fathers and sons.

Though he is of course more renowned for his role in the industrial music scene, this will not be Manson’s first role for television.  Manson was cast in a brief cameo role on the HBO comedy series Eastbound and Down, where he played a waiter on roller skates. He also provided the voice of The Shadow in the ABC series Once Upon a Time. In Sons of Anarchy, Manson will be playing the character Ron Tully, a white supremacist shot-caller who will assist the protagonist Jax Teller in expanding his base of power after being sent to prison.

While Marilyn Manson being cast for the final season of Sons of Anarchy is a huge piece of news regarding the show’s production, Drea de Matteo, former Sopranos star and recurring character on the show will now become a series regular in the final season.  Drea portrayed Jax Teller’s ex-wife Wendy, a reformed drug addict and the mother of his first child.  She herself had caused a great deal of conflict in the show, and season seven will likely feature Jax being torn in several directions by the inclusion of both old and new characters.

Kurt Sutter, executive producer and creator of the acclaimed show stated that season seven will be especially compelling now that the protagonist Jax Teller is completely on his own this season. As Sutter puts it, with Jax losing his wife and best friend in previous seasons, Jax will now have no sense of direction and no moral compass to influence his decisions. Fans have been holding their breath for news regarding this final season, and the announcement that Marilyn Manson will be cast for the show is one of the biggest pieces of news that FX has released thus far.

Marilyn Manson being cast for the final season of Sons of Anarchy is likely to generate a huge source of support for the show.  Sons of Anarchy has cast famous public figures, such as Black Flag’s Henry Rollins, Danny Trejo, and Jimmy Smits. In season two, Henry Rollins played a character similar to Manson’s up and coming character, who was another high level white supremacist. Rollins’ character was executed by Jax after learning that he and his fellow gang members sexually assaulted his mother, Gemma Teller.  Nevertheless, a show so well known for its brutality, drama and gut wrenching scenes will not fail to disappoint fans as the show enters its final season.

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