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Mental Health Tips for Wellness and Stress Management


Mental Health
Mental health wellness involves a sense of well-being, an ability to function during everyday life, managing stress levels when adversity arises, as well as feeling confident to pursue opportunities when presented. Maintaining an individual’s mental health wellness is of equal importance to a person’s physical health, and there are actions that could be taken to optimize mental health. Here are some tips to boost a person’s well-being and encourage good mental health, as well as help manage stress in daily life.

One tip for mental health wellness and stress management that cannot be understated is the need to build interpersonal relationships and develop a strong support system. Specifically, developing and maintaining relationships with people around an individual who will support and enhance a person’s life, as well as look out for their interests. The depth and scope of these personal relationships has a significant effect on a person’s well-being. Investing time and effort into building strong relationships could reap tremendous benefits and rewards.

Another tip that is essential to mental health wellness and stress management is the concept of Me time. It is important to set aside time for recreational activities and projects an individual enjoys and in which they look forward to participating. Additionally, it is also important to be spontaneous and allow a person’s creative juices to flow. Go to the movies, tackle a crossword, enjoy a walk or run, read a book, or play chess. An individual who allows for spontaneity and creativity will ultimately be more productive and satisfied.

A third tip that could promote good mental health and increase a person’s sense of well-being is participation in group activities. By joining a club or group of people who have shared interests, an individual might not feel isolated or alone. Being part of a group with a common interest fosters a sense of belonging and is good for mental health. An individual could form common bonds with people at a gym, band, dance class, book club, theatre, or singing group.

An invaluable tip that promotes mental health wellness and stress management, as well as gives back to the community, is volunteerism. By volunteering time for a cause or issue an individual is invested in, it helps promote a person’s sense of well-being and purpose in life. Whether someone helps out a neighbor, works at a local food bank, or devotes time to hospice care, they will know their contributions mattered and their efforts were appreciated. Moreover, efforts to improve the lives of others will likely boost an individual’s karma and help reinforce the concept of good deeds for humanity.

An essential tip to keep in mind that plays a vital role in mental health wellness and stress management is the concept of healthy mind/healthy body. Physical and mental health are closely linked and people tend to feel more satisfied in life when their body and mind feel good. There is also a well-known link between physical activity and lower stress levels. Therefore, individuals could help maintain a healthy body by combining physical activity with a balanced diet to nourish their bodies and minds, as well as promote stress management.

Another tip that promotes mental health wellness is learning a new skill or taking on a new goal. A person could set new career goals, a fitness goal, or learn to cook. Being a perpetual learner improves an individual’s mental fitness, while striving to meet and achieve new goals helps build skills, confidence, and a sense of achievement.

One of the most important tips to promoting mental health wellness is proper stress management. An individual should become aware of their stress triggers and reactions. By doing so, a person could learn to avoid some of the triggers and manage others. Stress is present in everyone’s daily life and it affects individuals in different ways. A balanced lifestyle could also help with stress management. For those who have trouble decompressing, certain coping techniques such as deep breathing, yoga, stress balls, or meditation have proven effective in stress management.

Another essential tip to mental health wellness and stress management is getting enough sleep. Sleep restores and repairs both the mind and body. An individual should try to get on a regular sleep schedule and practice good habits to get better sleep. Feelings of fatigue could still set in if an individual feels constantly rushed and overwhelmed when they are awake. Therefore, it is important to allow some Me time each day to relax and refresh. Indulge in a daydream, go for a walk or run, listen to some music, or just take time to smell the roses. If possible, days off or ‘do nothing’ days could prove extremely beneficial for mental health wellness and stress management.

Perhaps one of the most valuable and underutilized tips for mental health wellness and stress management is the ability to ask for help when an individual becomes overwhelmed and cannot handle everything on their own. It is at times like these that an individual’s support system could prove invaluable. Maybe a friend could babysit while a person takes some much-needed Me time, or consult a doctor regarding mental health services available in the community. It is safe to say a perfect, worry-free life does not exist and life’s journey will present challenges for everyone along the way. However, help is available and no one should feel they are alone in their struggles. When an individual is in crisis, there are services available that provide an array of assistance. Mental health wellness and stress management is essential to the healthy mind/healthy body dynamic. Hopefully, more individuals will recognize the need to address this dynamic and foster the relationships involved.

Opinion by Leigh Haugh

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