Sherri Shepherd Husband Lamar Wants Custody of Unborn Child

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Sherri ShepherdIn 2011 Sherri Shepherd and husband Lamar Sally were married and after a little less than three years they are calling it quits. Lamar has filed for separation since he has to be a California, resident for at least six months to file for divorce. He has only been a resident for three months so far. Apparently things have gone sour as of recently and this one looks like it will be a very nasty divorce. Shepherd announce last year that herself and Lamar had found a surrogate mother and are expecting this child sometime in July of 2014. Husband Lamar Sally has made it clear that he wants custody of his and Sherri Shepherd’s unborn child.

Shepherd kept the relationship troubles in the dark as long as possible, even keeping it from her co-stars on The View. No one had any idea what was going on, behind closed doors. Co-workers only knew that Lamar had stopped coming around the set, although they did not know why. She kept it a secret as long as she could. People close to the situation said she was embarrassed by the whole situation. Shepherd has yet to speak out on the situation so far.

Husband Lamar Sally is asking for full custody of Sherri Shepherd and his unborn child. He also wants spousal support and child support. He has requested that there be no interference from Shepherd when the child is born, and that he obtains the baby immediately after it is born.  He has however, requested that Shepherd have limited visitation.  He also is requesting the pre-nup be null and void due to the marriage being a fraud. As of yet it is unclear what Sally meant. Sally is also requesting that she pays all legal fees. An insider on Shepherd’s side has said that he is a Hollywood player and was only ever after the money. The insider also claims that Shepherd was tired of supporting Sally, while he stayed at home and was jobless.  According to the PR team the whole marriage was built on fraud, but according to insiders close to the situation she was embarrassed that she caught Lamar cheating. Lamar has yet to speak out on the separation filed last week.

Shepherd has made it abundantly clear she is a Christian with strong beliefs. This is what makes this situation even more embarrassing. She was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, which have very strict beliefs, more so then even Christians. Another embarrassing fact is she has already went through one divorce back in 2006. This was due to her spouse cheating on her, though Shepherd says he made it clear he would not be monogamous while married to her. She thought she could get him to change. She has one child from that previous marriage.  She called it quits with her first husband after nine years of marriage. It is unclear at this time how Sherri Shepherd is taking the news that her husband Lamar Sally wants full custody of the unborn child. Co-workers have said following the announcement of the split that Shepherd was quiet and reserved and has remained that way so far. It is still unclear whether Lamar Sally will go through with the divorce, but all sources say it is likely it will occur.

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