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Twitter’s mute button test is a feature for some people while others prefer the block button. The mute button is currently on Android and iOS versions of Twitter, according to reports. The mute button’s purpose is to quiet tweets that run-on, chatty comments, hash tags on every tweet and just too much information from a user. It will work to stop ads from flashing up too. Is it a twist on Twitter’s block button?

There are people who post their lives on Twitter from the moment one eye peels open till their eyes can not do anything else but close. They comment on everything from parties to political issues. Some people are applauding Twitter’s mute button test, according to reports.

The mute button stops tiresome tweets with a tap of the button. How beneficial Twitter’s mute button is depends on how a feed stream is viewed. Prior to the idea of a mute button on Twitter, there was no way to get rid of  too much information being stuffed  into a feed stream except to unfollow or block. The unfollow button is different from Twitter’s mute button in that the unfollowed user becomes aware. The best button to stop tiresome tweets, some agree, was the block button before Twitter’s mute button test. A blocked user is not stirred into total number of followers, but a muted user is.

Twitter’s mute button test comes with advantages. A friend, someone at the work place or a relative can be muted for placing a hash tag in front of every line and not know, unless told. A teen relatively new to Twitter could post too often,  and Twitter’s mute button serves as an alternative to blocking or unfollowing. The muted user is not notified by Twitter, but the tiresome tweets disappear from the feed. The ability to send and receive messages  to the muted user still functions. Notification tagging is an open means to communicate with the muted user too, and the option to unmute is at a finger tip. It is permanent only if a user remains muted.

The muted user is gone until a button click allows the user’s tweets back into the feed. The muted user’s posts can be viewed at any time. How long can a muted user be removed from the feed? There is no time limit: a month, week or weekend. Tap the mute button to bring the muted user’s tweets back into your feed.

Twitter’s mute button test is one tool being experimented with by the company. Twitter is in the practice of selecting and trying different features all the time. The public is not always privy to the information, and may not get a chance to use features being tested. It is unclear as to when everyone will have access to the mute button. The experimental button may not become one of Twitter’s features. Twitter test features before making them permanent. Some tested features become part of Twitter while others disappear.

By Marcella Glenn


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