Why Jay Z Was Attacked by Beyonce’s Sister [Video]

Jay ZAfter the Met gala, it seems an altercation occurred between Solange and her brother-in-law, where Beyonce’s sister actually attacked Jay Z, but why?. Captured on security footage, the fight broke out in the elevator where Solange appears to go on the attack, as her sister looks on. No one seems to know what happened to provoke the attack, but there is no lack of guesses. Twitter is blazing under #WhatJayZsaidtoSolange with some far-fetched yet somehow funny responses. There is everything from slamming the sisters career, with tweets like ‘my lips are bigger than your career’ attached to a picture of Jay Z, to a possible text message that could have set off Solange. (see pic below right) The video here shows Solange immediately get into the rappers face as soon as she gets into the elevator, and then the hands start flying everywhere, before security gets a hold of her. The anger is undeniable, but the question of the day is, what set Solange off like that?

Jay Z

If finding amusement out of this situation is what the fans want, then they need to go no further than Twitter. Even the ever-present celebrity tweeter is joining in the fun. Perez Hilton tweeted under the hashtag ‘I’m not the father’, along with millions of fans sharing their thoughts on what might have been said.

Solange is a 27-year-old musician, song writer, and model who has been trying to break out into the music industry in a big way, just like her sister. Some of the snarky comments on Twitter refer to this as one of the things that could have set her off. For instance if Jay Z told her to name her next album ‘Beyonce’s sister’ or if he asked her if she put in an application while at the Met. Some of the tweets are ultimately amusing and some are just down right mean, such as the tweet shown here, making an unflattering comparison.

Following in the footsteps of her super star sister cannot be easy, and now there is a firestorm of mean comments about her on Twitter. Knowles had a few temporary gigs with Destiny’s Child, and ended up signing with her dad’s Music World Entertainment¬†label. She released her first album Solo Star to mixed reviews in 2003. In 2004 she married and had a child. Just one year later in 2005 she began an acting career. Several minor roles came her way through 2007 including Bring It On: All or Nothing.¬†During this time she continued to write music for Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. She released a second album in 2008 which reached its peak at number nine on the Billboards charts. Although not nearly as successful as her sister, fans are at a loss for why Beyonce’s sister would attack Jay Z. When fans don’t know what happens, they let social media take over, and #WhatJayZsaidtoSolange is on fire and has seemingly taken on a life of its own.

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