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In the midst of the now two-sided console war, Microsoft has seen fit to put out the Xbox One May firmware update. The new update does not feature much in the way of gameplay upgrades or ease of use in popular applications, but it does allow gamers to change the volume on some of the applications with their voice. Meanwhile there are hints of external drive update is coming “soon.”

The new Xbox One May firmware update is now live and it brings new upgrades when it comes to audio options in some applications. The new update also offers some upgrades for the Kinect device as well. Xbox One owners who choose to download the new update will be able to change the volume on two applications that they have open in through the Snap feature using Chat Mixer. Players will be able to use phrases to turn the volume up on one snapped applications like a game they are currently playing while having the volume down on a TV show or streaming app that they currently have active. They can also mute their game in order to carry a full volume conversation on a Skype chat for example. While these new features may not “fix” what is already wrong with the Kinect, they do allow players to make small adjustment to their device to make it a little bit better to use.

Those who choose to download the Xbox One May firmware update also have the option to opt-in for an addition that allows the Microsoft corporation to collect voice phrases from them in an attempt to improve communications with their Kinect device. This is completely optional and the data only goes toward the goal of making the Kinect more accurate.

Microsoft’s director of Xbox Live Larry Major Nelson Hyrb stated in his blog that using the voice controls in the Xbox One console is a supposed to be a fun and magical experience. He went on to say that players will find it in their best interest to submit their voice logs into the company so that they may be able to improve the Xbox One and the Kinect that much further.

There has also been an image floating around the internet that originated from Reddit involving the much discussed external storage option on the Xbox One Console.The use of devices for larger storage purposes has been a topic that is on the of Xbox One owners everywhere. With game sizes growing larger and larger, gamers have been looking for any news that even hinted in the direction of using external storage as an option. The Reddit image in question came from a developer at the Microsoft corporation and it confirm that the company is working toward making the idea a reality. There is no set date for when the new option will be available to the public, but the developers did state that it will come “soon.”

Microsoft has a long way to go to catch up to Sony, the current leader in the console wars. Not only does Sony’s Playstation 4 lead the way in terms of console sales, but the last update that became available from them made their console that much better for purchase. Sony not only put in updates that customer needed, they put updates that customers wanted. The Xbox One May firmware update is live now and ready for download.

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