Chromecast Launches WatchESPN App for World Cup


The World Cup in Brazil is just over a week away and billions of people are expected to tune in to this years competition. This year, however, it will be even easier for Chromecast users to watch the beautiful games because ESPN has announced a new partnership with Google to launch their WatchESPN app. “Next week, U.S. soccer fans will have the ability to watch all 64 World Cup games with the tap of the cast button,” Brad Foreman, head of sports partnerships for Chromecast, wrote in a post on Google’s Chrome blog. This gives users the ability to watch every match from all 32 teams. Coverage will include the initial round-robin format, consisting of four teams in eight seeded groupings, all the way through to the World Cup Final being held at the famous Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

According to an ESPN Media Zone press release, The WatchESPN app is now compatible with Chromecast through both Android and iOS devices in the United States. Customers who receive ESPN networks as part of their regular video subscription service must download an update to the WatchESPN app in the Google Play and App Store to cast live access to the entire family of ESPN networks on Chromecast. The app is currently accessible in more than 67.5 million households nationwide to fans that receive ESPN’s linear networks as part of their video subscription. DirecTV is presently the largest pay-TV operator not to offer WatchESPN. Additionally, ABC’s Watch ABC and video apps for Disney’s cable networks, including the kid friendly Disney Channel, will soon be coming to the app announced by Google and the Disney and ESPN Media Networks.

For those wanting to watch the World Cup through a Chromecast device, it is available for $35 and already has launched a handful of convenient and entertaining apps in addition to WatchESPN. These include Netflix, YouTube, Plex, BBC iPlayer, BT Sports, Vevo and the ability to enjoy movies and music purchased through Google or stored on your device or the network steaming the amazing dongle. A dongle, by the way, is a small device that attaches to your computer to help in various functions like games, video or downloads.

Video apps are becoming increasingly popular these days, with the ability to live-stream content from all over the globe with applications such as Hulu plus, HBO Go and Apple TV, as well as a whole host of other platforms. Engadget gave the Chromecast an 84 percent score writing. It is a platform that will improve as more applications are added onto the device’s software. This was easily improved upon when the Google Cast SDK was released last February, allowing third parties to modify their software.

Engadget writer Michael Gorman later compared the Chromecast to other devices and said that, although when it was first released the dongle supported fewer multimedia services, because it is cheap and easy to use, he said that Engadget can completely recommend the the device. The small amount of multimedia services has been successfully solved now that ESPN, the largest supplier of video sports content in the United States, is on board as Chromecast launches their WatchESPN app in preparation for the upcoming 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

By Taylor Rash

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