FIFA World Cup Round of 16: Die Mannschaft Ready to Destroy Algeria

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The German National Team, known around the world as Die Mannschaft, is ready to destroy Group H survivor Algeria in the Round of 16 and continue the quest to raise the FIFA World Cup into the air for the first time since 1990. It has been 24-years since Germany has won the tournament and added a star to the national team jersey and are considered the strong favorite to reach the finals.

There is a Guardian Liberty Voice writer who is covering Algeria that has the delusion that Germany will not survive the next match. This writer has jumped on the Algerian bandwagon and believes that the team has the perfect defense to stop the German blitzkrieg. However, the writer has not taken into consideration the fact that the German offense primarily comes out of the backfield and relies heavily on midfielders and defenders to organize the assault. The German back field will take their time, passing the ball back and forth, looking for that perfect moment. When one of the offensive players gains an advantage on the overconfident Algerian defense, the backfield and will unleash the full force of the German attack.

This writer also overlooked the deadly goal snipers from Germany. Thomas Müller has four goals to his name, which ties the German with Brazil’s Neymar Jr. and Argentina’s Lionel Messi for most goals so far in the tournament. Unlike the Brazilian and Argentinian goal leaders, Müller has a assist on a goal in the tournament. The Germans also have a major scoring threat on the bench. Miroslav Klose is playing in his fourth World Cup and tied Brazil’s legendary soccer star, Ronaldo, for the most career goals in the tournament in the match against the Ghana Black Stars in group play. It is a safe bet that Klose will enter the match against Algeria during the second half and prowl around the goal looking for career goal number 16.

Die Mannschaft will likely destroy the Group H runner-up, no matter how confident the Algerian team comes into the Round of 16 match of the FIFA World Cup, or how ready the GLV writer believes the team is for the Germans. Algeria does have two potential chances to survive their match-up with the German Machine. One chance would have to be a career making performance by Islam Slimani. The 26-year old forward has the most individual points for Algeria, with two goals and a single assist, but will have a monumental task in laid out to carry Algeria past Germany. The other chance would be if the Algerian defense has a perfect game. The defense is going to have a tough time containing the front line led by Müller, and may find it impossible to stop the barrage of shots from the Germans.

Germany will beat Algeria because:
1. Zero losses in group play. The teams only draw came against Ghana, a very good team when the political influences and infighting take a back seat to soccer.
2. No team in the World Cup has shown the same patience that Germany does on offense, picking the moment a hole in the opponents defense opens and taking the advantage to strike.
3. Germany has Müller, the Golden Boot winner from the 2010 World Cup and he is on pace to be in the running for another Golden Boot. Algeria can not forget about Klose coming off the bench in search of his 16th World Cup career goal.
4. Group play was only a warm up for Die Mannschaft.

Die Mannschaft is now in the mindset to destroy Algeria in the Round of 16 match and ready to charge through the knockout bracket towards the title of FIFA World Cup Champion. Algeria is going to be just a speed bump for the German’s Autobahn run through Brazil to the final game. With the match-up this Monday, the clock is ticking for the Algerian Nation Team.

Commentary by Carl Auer

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  1. Copper   June 30, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    This had to be the wackest. It’s 1-0 in the extra time. Good job. Smh

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