‘Fury’ Epic World War 2 Movie Staring Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf [Video]

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Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf star in a new epic World War Two movie, Fury, by director David Ayer. The film is set to take place in 1945, as the war is wrapping up in the European Theater. The premise is an American Sherman Tank platoon gains a new recruit while given the responsibility of crossing over into enemy territory to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany. The tank’s name is of course “Fury,” and Brad Pitt is cast as “Wardaddy,” the leader of the five-man crew, including LaBeouf, whose sole responsibility is killing Nazis.

David Ayer is best known for writing End of Watch in 2012 and both Training Day and the original The Fast and The Furious back in 2001. The film is produced by Josh Lesher, who worked with Ayer on End of Watch, and Bill Block, who is best known for District 9 and Elysium. There have been rumors that Fury could be delayed because of reshootings that are scheduled to begin on July 1 in Los Angeles. A casting call has been put out for two new SS officers to be played in the Sony film. The film’s budget has been reported to be around $80 million, but with reshoots and the number of explosions seen in the trailer it would be no surprise to critics if the filmmakers exceed that budget.

Other actors who are staring in the the epic World War 2 movie Fury, besides Pitt and LaBeouf, are Logan Lerman (Perks of Being a Wallflower), Scott Eastwood (Grand Torino), Jon Berthal (The Walking Dead), Michael Pena (End of Watch), Xavier Samuel (Adore) and Jason Isaacs (The Patriot). There are no lead roles for women in the film, so there is little chance of a primary love story happening. Instead the film seems to focus on the drama and internal struggle of the characters as they are forced to endure the horrors of war.

There was an interesting report that came out back in January, in which Shia LaBeouf decided to take his role for the film a little too far, according to the cast and crew. LaBeouf wanted to really get in to character in order to prove his worth as a method actor, and therefore did not shower for weeks on end and even allegedly pulled out one of his own teeth to better understand how his character would feel living inside of a tank for weeks at a time. Both Pitt and Ayer told him to take it easy and relax on multiple occasions. Ayer wanted the group to bond together so he reportedly dropped off the five members of the tank platoon, Pitt, LaBoeuf, Pena, Lerman and Berthal into the wilderness without their cell phones.

The new trailer for the film begins with a monologue by Pitt in which he says, “If you think it can’t get worse it can, and it will. The dying is not done, the killing is not done.” He then goes on to say, “I promised my crew a long time ago that I would keep them alive,” as the camera scans to each member of his squadron individually. Logan Lerman then appears on the scene as a young untested recruit who has no experience in battle, let alone a tank. The trailer ends with a report that 300 Nazi soldiers are coming towards the crew of five and Brad Pitt questioning, “We ain’t never run before why are we going to run now?” The epic World War Two movie, Fury, staring Pitt and LaBoeuf is set for release in November of 2014.

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