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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Break Up History Theory


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The break up history of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, the infamous “Jelena,” is a long and sordid, ongoing, seemingly bumpy ride, especially for two young adults. According to friends and sources close to the couple, their on-again-off-again romance is a regularly recurring thing, probably even more so than the tidbits the media exploits. Although the history of their fire-and-ice relationship garners a lot of celebrity gossip, the theory behind what brings these two together and tears them apart is nothing out of the ordinary for young love and even more so when that romance is bathed in the eye of the media.

Bieber and Gomez got together in 2010, and within the last two years of their four-year history as a couple, the pair has broken up and called off their relationship countless times. Entertainment headlines flood the Internet any time either one of them falls back at the other’s feet or disses the other in a supposedly reactionary fashion. Countless theories of their reunions and breakups clog the gossip pipeline.

Some sources claim Gomez is addicted to Bieber and his sentimental feelings for her. The Biebs claims Gomez is his one, true love, and he cannot live without her. The 20-year-old is also labeled as having problems dealing with distance and time apart from Gomez. Apparently the Baby singer has a wondering eye…in addition to wandering other things. Both claim to have had their hearts broken by the other, which would explain their odd and highly reactionary behavior toward one another, their touch-and-go ability to deal, or not deal, with one another, and why they cannot seem to let one another go. The tattooed young man is often seen as the “bad boy” in the relationship, but without Justin at her side, Selena has not been making the most lady-like decisions herself. Just when Selena tries to clean up her act, Justin gets busted by the cops. Although sources claim his reckless behavior is a direct result of him not being able to cope without Selena as his old lady, Selena is left in a catch-22. Being with the Biebs may not be the best thing for her, but how can she turn away from her one, true love, her only friend out their in the wild? In the end, or ends, Gomez once again gets all worked up over Justin’s sappy, public confessions, and then they are back together…until they are not.

The Internet-star-turned-instant-popstar and grown-up-on-Disney starlet have a lot in common to draw them together. Each was catapulted into stardom at an age when most teenagers have to worry about getting home before curfew and learning how to drive. Paparazzi photos, press releases, and personal social media posts, of them both and by them both, plaster printed and online magazines alike. Arguably, every entertainment news source has daily coverage of what the two are up to. That amount of attention alone undoubtedly brings the two together to commiserate over their legacies of lost privacy and issues of inverse isolation. Or maybe their soap opera love affairs are all a media stunt.

To give the two “innocents” a fair trial, maybe they truly have no one else who understands them quite like the other. It is possible it is more than an unhealthy addiction to each other that brings them together, as some claim. It could be destiny, or true friendship even. But what if it is none of that. What if it is worse case scenario co-dependency. It is all too likely that neither know how to survive without the other in the Hollywood jungle, and they cling to one another out of fear of being obsolete.

While the sound of their names brings a litany of eye rolls in the mixed company of many, it does not stop the public from eating up every bit of gossip about the two they can load onto their dinner plate of curiosity. After a while, one would have to guess the only people who really know the real theory behind the history of break ups between Bieber and Gomez has to be Bieber and Gomez. Everyone else is too stuffed.

Opinion by Stacy Feder

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