Justin Bieber Cleared of Los Angeles Robbery Charges

Justin Bieber

There is some good news for Justin Bieber and his fans, as he is cleared of the Los Angeles robbery charges from last month. In May 2014, the Canadian singer was accused of stealing a woman’s phone, while at the batting cages where he could let off some steam. However, it is not completely good news as there are other charges possibly against him in the Californian city.

The other charges date back to the start of the year, when he was accused of egging a neighbor’s house. He was never officially arrested, but was questioned and his house was searched for evidence. The police sent evidence to the district attorney, who has been debating over whether to start a case against the 20-year-old since February. The investigators want to see Bieber charged with a felony, which is much more serious than the potential misdemeanor he would face. The district attorney could decide either way, and lawyers call this type of case a “wobbler.” Obviously, the singer’s lawyers would like the district attorney to choose the misdemeanor charge if he is going to be charged at all.

So far, there is no indication which way the district attorney will go. However, he will decide soon.

For now, the good news is that Bieber is cleared of all robbery charges against him from the Los Angeles incident last month. The district attorney decided that the lack of evidence for a felony charge and passed it onto the city attorney. He decided that there was not enough evidence to prosecute him for that either.

The alleged robbery took place after the Boyfriend singer was involved in an altercation. A woman took photos on her phone, and refused to hand it over to Bieber or his team. He decided to take matters into his own hands by trying to take the phone off her, reaching into her handbag. The woman also claimed that there was a physical altercation as the singer demanded to make sure there were no videos of him on her phone.

CNN reports that the woman in question waited a day before filing the complaint against the Baby singer, and spoke to gossip site TMZ first. However, the staff at the batting cages did not corroborate all of her story, saying that they saw no physical altercation as Bieber tried to get the phone from the woman.

The media site also reports that a source claims the incident was made into a bigger deal than it should have been. There were plenty of others taking photos, and it was a case of someone claiming there was an issue when there really was not.

However, the 20-year-old is not completely off the hook just yet. There are still other charges against him, including a possible one of the egg-throwing incident back in January 2014. There is also the ongoing case of the alleged assault from May 2012, which Selena Gomez has to testify against him in. For now, though, Bieber can enjoy some good news that he has been cleared of the Los Angeles robbery charges.

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