Malaysian Catholics Cannot Use ‘Allah’ to Refer to God in Their Newspaper


Malaysia’s Court ruled that the Catholic Malaysian weekly publication called The Herald will not be able to use “Allah” to refer to God in their Malay-language newspaper.

This decision was made by a panel of seven judges, of which four ruled against the publication. Chief justice Arifin Zakaria dismissed the case and said that it was not for the Court of Appeals to interfere with the government ban, and that the word “Allah” cannot be used by non-Muslims.

Outside the court hundreds of Muslims and activists expressed their believes in defending the word “Allah” as part of their religious faith.

By Marcia Villavicencio

Fox News

One Response to "Malaysian Catholics Cannot Use ‘Allah’ to Refer to God in Their Newspaper"

  1. Peter Carvil   June 30, 2014 at 3:32 am

    Are the Islamists now denying that the God they worship is also the God of Jews and Christians?


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