Police Say Man Drove Dead Girlfriend Across Country


Police say a man kept driving after finding his girlfriend had died in the front seat, and he completed his cross country drive with his 93-year-old mother in the back seat of his van. It was reported that Ray Tomlinson a Detroit area resident picked up his girlfriend from a mental health clinic in Arizona, and on Sunday afternoon began their trip back to Michigan. Tomlinson, 62, states that he checked on his 31-yeaar-old girlfriend on Monday morning and got no response. So he reached over to wake her and found that her body was stiff and cold, he continued driving as he checked his phone for what to do with a dead body. The all knowing internet showed that a person upon death should be taken to the morgue within 48 hours. Since the woman did not die violently and was obviously in no pain, the Warren resident decided that it was perfectly OK to continue his journey as long as he got her to the morgue within this time frame.

policePolice say that it looks as if the young woman may have taken oxycodone and inspection of the body showed no signs of fowl play and it looks as if this may have been an overdose. This will be confirmed by an autopsy. Tomlinson stated that he was planning on taking his girlfriend to the Macomb County Morgue, and that is why he never stopped or called for help. It is said that the clinic that released the woman had called her at some point to check on her, and were told by Tomlinson that she was dead. They asked if he called police and when he stated that he had not, and would not, the clinic then reported the death to authorities. It was at this point that the man realized that he would be in some kind of trouble over this, yet he continued to drive.

In interviews Tomlinson states that he must have been in denial and he was afraid to stop in the middle of nowhere, and if he got arrested he feared for his mothers safety. He goes on to state that his girlfriend had been placed in mental health care nine¬†times in the last year for drug problems and mental health issues. Her stays in these facilities always ended up with changes in her medication, and he believes that when he stopped for gas that was when she took the oxycodone. His mother urged him to keep driving, fearing of being held in a small town where no one knew where they were. The clinic continually called Tomlinson hoping to convince him to stop, however, they ended up having to leave it in the hands of the police. The drive continued for over 24 hours and ended at the drivers son’s home in Warren Michigan.

It is unclear at this time what, if anything the man will be charged with, it is a misdemeanor to move a body, however due to the unusual circumstances it will be up to the prosecutor what charges if any will be filed.

By Kristi Cereska

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  1. Ken   September 16, 2014 at 5:40 pm

    Is English your first language Abby?

  2. abbie   September 16, 2014 at 5:27 pm

    This is a poorly written article full of typos, misspelling sentence fragments, and run on sentences. It obviously was not proofread.


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