Rockstar Games Releases GTA V “I’m Not a Hipster” Update 1.14

Grand Theft Auto Not a Hipster Update

Grand Theft Auto fans have some slightly disappointing news as Rockstar Games has once again delayed the previously promised Heists. Instead, they have released update 1.14, also known as the “I’m Not a Hipster” update. This free downloadable update is one of the bigger updates and once again features a ton of tiny fixes to GTA V and GTA Online.

The last update, High Life, did a solid job of adding theme specific items and giving players a chance to mix things up. Rockstar Games has become fond of these types of updates and as such, Grand Theft Auto is expanding to become more customizable like The Sims. This update offers more than 170 new clothes, 10 new beards, nearly 50 tattoos, animal masks, and more.

Ten vehicles have been brought over from the campaign in addition to new cars and horns being added. In fact, Wayne World fans have a nice surprise waiting for them. For the dedicated rank 100 players, the Dubsta awaits, it is a massive 6-wheeled beast. Don’t forget about the additions to gestures, they can be pretty fun.

What kinds of new jobs were you hoping for? Races? I sure hope so. The “Before It Was Cool” race features eight racers in tiny vehicles and tight corners, “Caffeine Rush” has all players driving Sedans as they go from coffee shop to coffee shop, and “Trend Setting” has up to 16 cool guys in a muscle car circuit race around Mirror Park. Other new jobs include “Airwaves,” “Puerto Del Sol,”  “Legion Square Survival,” and more.

This wouldn’t be a GTA V update if it didn’t have an enormous list of game fixes:

  • If another player damages your car, you will not have to pay for it if they don’t have enough GTA$
  • “Recently Played” option added to Host Job menu
  • Invincibility has been dropped to 2 seconds when respawning (all modes)
  • When killed, you can detonate Sticky Bombs if done quickly
  • Player names show up on mini map
  • Tear Gas lasts longer and does more damage
  • Invite Only Jobs work fully again
  • Online Menus fixed
  • Alert screens have been fixed
  • Bookmarked jobs work
  • While in a playlist on the pause menu players can bookmark jobs
  • “Next Job’ Screen added sub-types
  • Mugger Menu has an Exit option now
  • Arm wrestling has been fixed
  • Players that join a job late do not get bad increments for leaving early
  • While spectating players you can new view remote Gamer Cards
Mirth Mobile GTA V
Mirth Mobile!

Many exploits that players have found are now patched. Such exploits include:

  • Maximizing stats
  • Launching cars via gates
  • Duplication of personal vehicles
  • Adding any vehicle to Garage
  • Invincibility
  • Bringing cars from Single Player into Online

It is unfortunate that Rockstar Games is still holding onto Heists with no release date, but at least they released a fatty free update. If you haven’t already, Jump online, get yourself a new whip, and take to the streets! There is mischief to be had and money to make. Don’t forget about Vintage Pistol and the Antique Cavalry Dagger, they can do some serious damage.

By Garrett Jutte
Rockstar Games
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