Shark Enthusiasts Gear up for Shark Week 2014

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sharkShark Week is an exciting time for shark enthusiasts as they gear up for the Aug. 10, 2014 debut to watch as sharks bear their teeth and show their best kills. Shark Week is an annual series that lasts for one full week. The week is dedicated to sharks everywhere. The programs include past shark attacks, different species of sharks, and the occasional death chasers looking for trouble with sharks. Shark Week has become one of Discovery Channel’s most anticipated events, and on August 10th the bloody battle has its big debut.

Shark Week has been a tradition on television since 1987 and now broadcasts in 72 different countries. In fact, Shark Week is the longest running cable television show in history. The fact that it keeps coming back proves that people love to watch the devastation these sharks cause. There is something about the attacks by these sharks that keeps bringing viewers back for more.

Shark Week not only provides viewers with the excitement of watching bloody attacks but also plenty of educational information as well. Many people only know what they know about these magnificent underwater creatures due to Shark Week. Shark Week is the most anticipated television event of the summer, and this time television is informative in a good way.

One aspect of Shark Week that cannot be found on any other documentary type programming is the dramatic narration style. The narration grabs the viewer’s attention along with the music everyone can relate to the approach of an enemy. Between the riveting voice overs and the heart pounding music, shark enthusiasts will be on the edge of their seats waiting to gear up for the 2014 Shark Week debut. No other program combines  dramatic narration, heart racing images, and educational content to make up one awesome show.

In addition to being the longest running program on cable television, it is also the most watched. Discovery Channel’s president Clark Bunting stated that the series was “very popular out of the gate.” Fans were hooked from the beginning, which the ratings have continuously proven. Since 1995 and every year following, the series has wrung in an audience of more than 20 million. In 2008 Shark Week had its highest number yet, a whopping 29 million viewers.

Shark Week not only shows some famous sharks recognized for their kills, but some famous faces as well. Celebrities like Peter Benchley, author of Jaws, and Heidi Klum have made appearances during these week-long events. While Shark Week is immensely popular, some are not fans of this show due to the image sharks get. It has been a concern for those in fields such as marine biology that Shark Week gives a false impression of sharks being nothing more than killers. However, while it is true that often sharks attack humans by mistake, it does not shake the fact that sharks do kill, whether that be on purpose or accidental.

These frightening fish will come back to the screen soon this summer for Shark Week’s 27th year on television. Shark enthusiasts count down the days and gear up for 2014’s Shark Week to debut. Like all the seasons past, this one is sure to not disappoint.

Opinion By Amena S. Chaudhri

Huffington Post