Cassie Chapman Exclusive Interview: Hooters Marriage and Nashville Wives

Cassie Chapman Exclusive Interview: Hooters Marriage and Nashville Wives

Cassie Chapman, one of the stars of TNT’s Private Lives of Nashville Wives, former Hooter girl and Gary Chapman’s wife, gave Michael Smith, from the Guardian Liberty Voice, an exclusive interview where she talked about marriage and other things. After several attempts to get together with Cassie, we finally met while she and Gary were in Las Vegas for her induction into the Hooters’ Hall of Fame.

Cassie’s husband is an award winning gospel and country singer/songwriter as well as a music producer. Gary Chapman also produced, directed, scripted and scored the documentary The 8th of November: A True Story of Pain and Honor. He also hosted TNN’s Private Time Country for three years.

Being an unabashed fan of Private Lives of Nashville Wives I was very excited to finally meet one of my favorite people on the show. We met at the VIP room at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on July 23, 2014. Apart from the occasional “VIP” who wandered in and the two staff behind the desk, we had the room to ourselves.

Ms. Chapman is just as genuine in real life as she appeared on the television show and just as down-to-earth. While setting up my equipment, the first thing she asked was if I needed a drink of anything. This gesture is indicative of the type person she is; caring, generous and full of good humor.

Once the introductions were over and the taping equipment was started, Cassie talked about, amongst other things, little Eva, being a Hooters girl, marriage to a man 23 years her senior and time spent on Private Lives of Nashville Wives. This exclusive interview was lengthy, fun and revealing.

Cassie Chapman Exclusive Interview: Hooters Marriage and Nashville Wives
Cassie Chapman at the 2014 18th Annual Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant.

Guardian Liberty Voice (GLV): First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Now basically you are here in Las Vegas for the 18th annual Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant, as you are a Hooters girl yourself.

Cassie: “I was! I am a former Hooters girl.”

GLV: “You really enjoyed that job, from what I understand?”

Cassie: “I loved doing that job. It’s funny but when my husband and I got together, apart from the 23 year age difference, the first thing everyone brought up was that I was a Hooters’ girl. Which, of course, meant that I was a gold digger.”

GLV: “So that was the first strike against you right off the bat?”

Cassie: “The gold digger allegation is hilarious to me on all levels. Because if they knew our financial situation they would laugh. Gary had actually filed for bankruptcy when we first met!”

GLV: “I read somewhere that you had more money in your bank account than he did when you two met.”

Cassie: “That’s right. So he’s the gold digger! (laughing) Then there was the whole Hooters’ girl thing, which cracked me up, as that was my absolute favorite job. I worked with some of the most wonderful people who are still my best friends. It is so fun being here for the swimsuit pageant because it’s like a big family reunion!”

GLV: “So you and Gary actually met in the Bahamas?”

Cassie: “Yes, I was there doing a Hooters calendar shoot.”

GLV: “Gary was there as a producer?”

Cassie: “He was! It’s a tough gig (laughs) but he was there with his production company doing a documentary on the “making of” the Hooters calendar. And I didn’t have cell service or Google so I couldn’t Google him. When I got back to Miami I looked him up and realised that he was 23 years older than I was and thought, ‘What am I going to tell my dad?'”

GLV: “Speaking of Gary, on Private Lives of Nashville Wives you two came across as a really tight unit, along with Erika Page White and her husband Bryan, which was nice to see. How is Gary coming along with his album?”

Cassie Chapman Exclusive Interview: Hooters Marriage and Nashville Wives
The happy couple, Cassie and Gary Chapman.

Cassie: “It’s done and released. It’s called The Truth and you can get it on iTunes and you can purchase it on Currently they are sitting up a tour and it looks like it will be a great show!”

GLV: “Changing the subject for a minute, How’s Eva, your daughter? Things looked a little stressful on the show when you were going through the process of adopting her.”

Cassie: “She is doing great. Eva’s with her grandmother at the moment! Editing had a lot to do with the stress thing. Gary and I get along great with Eva’s birth mother and hope that she can be a part of her life.”

GLV: “So how long are you here for the Hooters festivities?”

Cassie: “We’ll be here till Friday. So last night I was inducted into the Hooters Hall of Fame along with three others and tonight is the pageant and of course being in the hall of fame is a great honor. Then Thursday is the reunion.”

We then talked about how proud Gary is of Cassie being inducted into the hall of fame and how much fun their relationship is. She maintains that he is her “man-child” and the two obviously are very close and happy.

The subject of “live tweeting” came up, which Cassie did during the pageant, and how the internet has changed the way people watch television. We then moved onto charity.

GLV: “I know that you do a lot for charity. Have you got anything coming up in the near future?”

Cassie: “Yes on Sunday, it’s called “Glitter and Glam” (they showed it on “Private Lives,”) and the cast from the television show is walking it this year with the dogs. And I’m being presented with the Mac award. Mac is the first dog who was ever rescued and AGAPE Animal Rescue is celebrating its 10 year anniversary. AGAPE is great because 100 percent of the money received goes to the animals.”

GLV: “Speaking about the cast, I’d like to ask about Jenny from the show. Watching the program I was convinced that she was so much of a “Type A” personality that she wanted to run everything! Is she really like that?”

Cassie: “What a lot of people don’t realise is that Jenny works in D.C. and she had to fly home almost daily to participate in the show. She was so tired that things just “came out.” She really is very nice. We are really close to her and her husband J.T. and they are amazing people.”

GLV: “I know that I admired her a lot when she supported Sarah Davidson so much when her marriage to Dallas was falling apart.”

Cassie: “Do you know who got arrested last week?”

GLV: “Dallas?”

Cassie: “It was in all the news and all over TMZ. It was awful.”

Talking about the show, she spoke of being friends with Anna and Betty, the twins. Anna hangs out with Cassie the most and she revealed that the two women do actually interact with each other in real life just as they do in the show. Cassie also said that each of them are very creative and keen business women.

We also talked about being part of a reality television show.

GLV: “So just how intrusive were the cameras, the crew and the whole 24/7 nature of being under scrutiny?”

Cassie Chapman Exclusive Interview: Hooters Marriage and Nashville Wives

Cassie: “I actually said no three times before I finally agreed to audition. Well, the day they started filming was the day we left the hospital with Eva. It was an emotional rollercoaster in the hospital. There were cameras in the car and they were following us and then…it took literally 10 minutes to get used to them and they became like family. You only noticed them if you stepped on one of them!” (Laughs)

GLV: “I think it would drive me mad.”

Cassie: “I think that we all got used to it fairly quickly.”

GLV: “Stepping back from the show for a moment, what is the next really big project you’ll be doing?”

Cassie: “Well, I can’t really go into specifics, but…Gary and I are working on a new show. We will be hosting it and hopefully we will start filming in the fall. Another thing I’ve been doing is that since the show, I have helped two other people go through the private adoption process.”

GLV: “Wow.”

Cassie: “Yes, this all came about through Facebook! And because of that interest we are going to write a book about how to adopt privately. Because there is so much you don’t know when you go that route. But by the end of the process it seems so much easier to form a bond with the birth mother with a lot less restrictions.”

GLV: “Is there anything else?”

Cassie: “Well, I’ll be back out here, in Las Vegas, in January 22nd for the Home Builder’s International Show. Because, I’m designing tile for a place in New York and it’s called Tile Bar. January will be the Red Tile Event and I’m really excited about it!”

GLV: “That sounds great!”

After speaking for ages about Hooters, marriage and Private Lives of Nashville Wives in our exclusive interview with Cassie Chapman, we finished with a revelation about the ladies in the show. Apparently after each episode was edited the cast would all watch it together. It was, according to Cassie, pretty interesting at times. There is still no word from TNT on whether the show will be back for a second season. We would like to thank Cassie again for taking the time to speak with us and we hope that the new TV show will be a success.

Cassie Chapman Exclusive Interview: Hooters Marriage and Nashville Wives
The lovely Cassie Chapman and Michael Smith in an “us-ie.”

By Michael Smith



Cassie Chapman at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino VIP Room

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