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Chris Martin

It seems like the marriage between Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow is still heading for divorce, as the Coldplay singer has made it clear he is back on the beef. When he married Paltrow 10 years ago, he opted to follow her vegetarian lifestyle.

The Coldplay singer explained to Steve Wright on Radio BBC2 that he now eats meat, but not that much of it. However, he does not regret the decision to switch to a vegetarian lifestyle and is tempted to go back to it. His daughter, Apple, follows the vegetarian diet—and presumably his son, Moses—and he supports that decision the couple made together.

During the conversation, he explained that he would only eat something that he would be willing to kill himself. Fish is on the list. While he may not like doing it at the time, he would be willing to if necessary. However, there are certain animals on the list of not to eat and giraffe is one of them. He did comment afterwards how it was a strange conversation to have.

There are debates over whether the couple will stay together. The two have been doing an excellent job so far, and Martin was still living in the house. However, it has helped that they have been busy with work and most of the time have the home to themselves with their children as one is usually always away. There have been times the two have been in the house together, and they have remained friendly for the sake of their two children.

However, the news that Martin is back on the beef may be a sign that the split is definitely happening. While he respects Paltrow’s decision to be a vegetarian and changed for her, it is a sign that he wants part of his old life back.

Paltrow previously spoke about her diet and her reasons for cutting meat out. She met with Leonardo DiCaprio, who explained the problems with factory farming and dirty meat. That helped her decide over 20 years ago that it was time to remove all meat from her diet, and that would be the way she would raise her children. She also follows a very strict diet generally to help her remain at the weight she currently is.

The couple decided at the start of the year that it was time to bring their 10 year marriage to an end. It was a friendly decision, after trying for a year to 18 months in therapy. Paltrow was attacked by some as she refused to use the term divorce, and stuck with “conscious uncoupling” due to the stigma that divorce still has. The truth is that the two are still friends, and want to work together in the raising of their children. They are just not right for each other.

It seems like the Coldplay frontman is already using the split as a reason to make a few changes. Martin is now back on the beef, but will only eat the meat of animals that he is willing to kill himself.

By Alexandria Ingham


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