FIFA World Cup Quarterfinals: Die Manschaft Will Destroy La Bleus

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The quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup will begin today with Die Manschaft destroying La Bleus and sending the French team back home across the pond. Germany has found themselves under scrutiny after drawing with Ghana and only scoring one goal in the win over the USA. Combined with a poor outing against Algeria, despite winning, Coach Joachim Löw will not allow the German team to have another poor performance, especially against France.

Germany will win because the team has proved that they can overcome set-backs that would take most teams out of the competition. Losing a player the caliber of attacking midfielder Marco Reus right before the tournament would demoralize most teams. However, Germany flourished under the leadership of Thomas Müller and decimated Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal to start the tournament. The Guardian Liberty Voice (GLV) writer covering Group E thinks that France will win the game because seven of the German players are reported to have flu-like symptoms. The German machine is not going to let a little cold stop the strategic dismantling of the French team.

Bayern Munich’s Manuel Neuer may not be Germany’s Secretary of Defense, but the 28-year old is one of the top sweeper-keepers in the world. Often Neuer will make the hearts of German fans around the world skip a beat by charging out of the box to meet the ball and attacker head-on before a shot can be taken. The German goalkeeper had 21 touches outside of the box against Algeria. The tactic leaves the goal wide open for the opponent to chip a shot over the head of the keeper. However, Neuer has only given up three goals in Brazil. This GLV writer believes that the French attack, which is similar to Algeria’s, will get by the poor German defense and capitalize on the risks Neuer takes. The writer may need counseling after Neuer leaves the box to sweep away the supposed attack by the French.

This GLV writer believes that La Bleus will seek to destroy Die Manschaft in the FIFA World Cup quarterfinals as a sort of revenge. In 1982, France’s Patrick Battiston took the ball against German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher. Schumacher went airborne as Battiston launched a shot that went wide of the goal and the two players collided hard, forcing the French player to be carried off of the field. 32 years to hold a grudge is a long time, and will not be enough motivation to take down the Germans. After all, the two teams faced each other again in 1986, and France was unable to take revenge four years later, to think that revenge will come 32 years after the Schumacher and Battiston collision is delusional.

Müller, who had a hat trick against Portugal and a gift of a rebound goal against the USA, is a threat that wants to bounce back after an embarrassing moment against Algeria. Held scoreless in the last game, during a free kick attempt, Müller was set up as a distraction on the attempt. When the forward moved to run past the ball for the fake, he fell flat onto the pitch. Not wanting that moment to be what the forward is remembered for in the 2014 tournament, expect Müller to lead the German blitzkrieg against France and add to the goal tally on route to the Golden Boot award as the tournament’s top scorer.

German scoring legend Miroslav Klose did not see any action against Algeria. The 36-year old is tied with Brazil’s soccer legend Ronaldo for the most career goals in the World Cup. As Germany’s only true striker, Klose may take to the pitch in the second half of the game against France. The French defense should expect the striker to set up around the goal looking for a rebound off of a shot from one of the German snipers. This is likely the last World Cup for Klose and taking over the career scoring record along with the tournament trophy would be the perfect way to close out the striker’s career.

Friday’s quarterfinal game of the FIFA World Cup will be the fourth time Die Manschaft has faced La Bleus, and if history repeats itself, it will be another destruction of French pride by the Germans. The previous three times the two nations have faced off in the tournament, Germany has won twice. France’s only victory came in 1958 by a score of 6-3. Looking back at history, the German machine will roll over France into the semi finals.

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Commentary by Carl Auer

Conversation with Christina Jones, Guardian Liberty Voice Writer covering Group E
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