Baby Bound With Duct Tape Just for Fun

Baby Bound with Duct Tape Just for Fun

A two month baby girl was bound with duct tape just for fun by her mother, recently. What appears to be just a gag and a photo opportunity for entertainment purposes, has landed a central Ohio mother in hot water. Using her newborn for a joke on social media, the baby was bound with duct tape around her mouth to hold a pacifier in place.

The photo was taken by the baby’s grandmother and was posted on Facebook over the past weekend. Another photo of the same baby was also posted, showing her placed in a large cooking pan with potatoes. The mother of the newborn and the grandmother did it all just for fun, at the baby’s expense.

After the photos were posted, Franklin County Children’s Services, based in Columbus, Ohio, got involved. They were appalled with the photos and opened an investigation into the family. Eventually turning the case over the Sheriff, the motives behind the photos were finally revealed. It was just for fun with no harm intended towards the baby girl.

Simply having fun, the adults donned the baby with duct tape to hold her pacifier in place. Whether an intentional joke or a real action that turned out to be funny, the case has warranted attention and outrage from officials and the public.

The Central Ohio mother, who also has two other children, had complained about the baby pushing the pacifier out of her mouth. Duct tape was used to hold it place, which turned out to be a funny picture and worthy of some Facebook likes. No intentional harm was the goal, just a funny picture to share. The same baby in the pan with potatoes seems a bit stranger, though.

More than just using duct tape to secure a pacifier in place, the restraint posed a real threat to the baby’s airway. A possible life-threatening situation was caused in the name of social media fun, even if for a few minutes or seconds. The over-all judgment of the mother and grandmother in this case is what comes into question.

At this time, no charges have been filed against the mother of the baby or the grandmother. Children’s Services and the Sheriff department is not taking it lightly, however, as any type of child abuse is forefront and causes for infant mortality rates are always considered very seriously.

Baby Bound With Duct Tape Just for FunDuct tape is a heavy duty fix-all solution for many household projects and now comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Crafts have blossomed with the extra sticky tape and other instances of using it have surfaced in recent years.

Unfortunately, duct tape has also been used by many other parents and even school officials in the hopes of controlling children and pets. Too many pictures in recent years exist showing duct taped kids on walls, chairs, desks and windows. The alarming results can be searched but will not be repeated in additional photos in this article.

Another Ohio mother used duct tape on her eight year old son just over a year ago. She covered his face with duct tape only exposing his nose. She also claimed she had used duct tape on an eleven year old girl. The cases go on and on with many pictures to prove it.

Baby Bound With Duct Tape Just for FunSadly, even some pets have been bound by duct tape either for obedience training or for so-called cute photos to be posted on social media. As pet-owners giggle and get their thrills, pets are suffering in the long run with ripped off skin and fur.

Duct tape is useful when used the correct way, but can cause dry irritated skin and rashes when used inappropriately. Especially for babies and young children, the removal of the tape can be very painful.

Although the recent case in Ohio of using duct tape to attach a pacifier to a baby was meant to be a joke, some parents take it seriously and use the duct tape in inappropriate ways concerning their children. Kids are not props or toys and need to be treated with respect to their feelings, regardless of their parents’ fun and games. The current case is still being investigated for binding a baby with duct tape just for fun.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon




Huffington Post  

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  3. John Smith   August 13, 2014 at 8:57 am

    Once again, we see the American psyche at work. Stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. Anything to do with a baby had to be negative and EVERYBODY else should get in involved. I guarantee that this media talk was the result of one fat, ugly soccer mom who lives off the state and has no life. These are the type of women capable of murdering their husband and getting away with it. When will people STOP involving the law when there is no need for them? Once we finally become the “nanny-state” then everyone will be happy.

  4. Aurelie   August 11, 2014 at 11:28 pm

    Duct tape has a VERY strong adhesive on it, and when used on skin (or even worse, fur) it can easily pull skin off with it when you try to remove it.
    Doing something like that is NOT a joke!


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