Brett Ratner Sued by Celebrity Stylist

Director Brett Ratner is being sued by a celebrity stylist who claims she was seriously injured during a party she attended at his mansion in July, 2014. The lawsuit was filed earlier this month.

Lauryn Flynn, who claims to have styled such high-profile celebrities as Kristin Stewart, Kate Bosworth, and Eva Mendes, says she was invited to an after party following the premiere of Ratner’s latest movie at the time, Hercules. She says that upon entering the home, she was requested to remove her footwear as to not dirty the inside of the residence. The stylist gave a statement saying that the total head count at Ratner’s party was approximately between 100 and 200 people, and that the entertainment was in the form of a DJ. Flynn goes on to claim that, a short while into the night, one of the party’s attendees made the decision to climb atop a glass table and begin  dancing. The table shattered almost instantly, and the woman says glass shards flew around the room in a way that was akin to bullets. Upon recovering from the shock of the incident, Flynn says she looked down at the ground only to discover a pool of blood around her feet. The lawsuit details the woman’s claims that the blood was from a piece of glass slicing her Achilles tendon.

Following the injury, the stylist says that Ratner and his associates chose to refrain from calling 911, as it would have brought far too much media attention to such a high-profile party. Instead, the woman says she was transported to a local hospital by way of a ride sharing service. Upon examination by a doctor, Flynn says she was required to receive a total of 87 stitches. The lawsuit concludes with the woman’s statement that, following the party, a friend informed her that Ratner had essentially shrugged off the news that the woman had been injured. He allegedly responded by saying that people got injured at his residence on a regular basis, and that the woman should just clean herself up and forget about it.

This is not the first time that the award-winning director has found himself in a public predicament. In November of 2011, Ratner resigned from producing the 2012 Academy Awards following the extreme amount of backlash he received for uttering a homophobic slur just days before. While at a Q&A session for his recently released comedy, Tower Heist, he made the comment that he felt rehearsal was for f*gs. He apologized shortly thereafter by way of an open letter, in which he detailed the regret and shame he felt for saying what he did, referring to his comment as both stupid and hurtful. The director went on to credit his mistake for his reasoning behind dropping out of the Academy Awards, stating that he did not want his recent ill-mannered comment to serve as a distraction from the meaningfulness of the show. He finished by saying that he had been in touch with GLAAD in order to both apologize and increase awareness in terms of the seriousness of saying such things.

It remains to be seen what will become of Lauryn Flynn’s lawsuit against Brett Ratner. Neither the director nor his representatives have yet given any statement regarding the matter.

by Rebecca Grace

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