Could Mystery Signal Detected Be Proof of Dark Matter?

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Could Mystery Signal That Has Been Detected Be Proof of Dark Matter?

Could a mystery signal that has been detected be proof of dark matter? While searching through the fundamental structures of various galaxy clusters, astrophysicists located at Harvard University found a bizarre discharge line they are having trouble in identifying. Even though verification from other observatories is obligatory, they have suggested one possible idea as to what the strange signal just might be. They are stating it could be the deterioration of dark matter.

In spite of the fact that dark matter creates nearly 30 percent of the entire cosmos, scientists know very little about it. In comparison to regular matter, which only makes up about five percent of space, dark matter does not intermingle with any electromagnetic forces. That means it fails to reflect, emit or absorb any type of light, so it is undetectable. Scientists are only aware of dark matters’ existence due to the fact it applies gravitational pull on matter which is actually visible.

Individuals interested in science want a rational explanation as to what dark matter really is. The trouble is scientists do not have a coherent answer to give. All they can do is basically explain what they believe dark matter is not. What they do not think it is, is that it is not made up of neutrons and protons which create the greater part of ordinary matter. They are also fairly certain it is not any sort of black hole or antimatter. The most generally established notion is that it is created from mysterious elements such as faintly intermingling massive units, whatever that might mean. One scientist may explain it differently from another. The explaination is about as unscientific as it gets but that is how dark matter is basically dealt with.

Even though they are extremely difficult to perceive, galaxy clusters that are held together by gravity are assumed to be the top locality for the spotting of dark matter. The space sandwiched between galaxies is crammed with boiling hot interplanetary vapors that can surpass temperatures of 10 million kelvin.

Such gases are able to hold several hefty elements like argon, iron, magnesium and oxygen. These have been discovered when scientists took a gander at their discharge lines. Astrophysicists were fascinated by the large quantity of these components because they were able to give off traces about the frequency of supernova bursts in various space clusters because such happenings cause the numerous elements to be tossed out into the vapor.

As astronomers studied the range of almost 75 different clusters in the galaxy, they found a fragile mark which did not seem to match up with any of the identified fundamentals known to astronomy to the present date. Additionally, the line was not expected to contain any structures.

Because of it, the group has proposed in their recently printed up paper that the unknown signal might be the deterioration of a long sought after dark matter contender element. However there is much more work that is going to have to be completed in order to detach the signature from all the background noise. However if the outcome is able to be established with viewpoints that could possibly provide enhanced determination, that would be a major jump forward. However until such information is able to be gathered, scientists will not be able to dismiss the prospect that the discharge line was nothing more than a mistake of some sort.

Hopefully it will not come to that. While astronomers examined through the necessary structures of many galaxy clusters, they discovered the odd discharge line. Even though it takes confirmation from other observatories, these scientists do believe that it could actually be the deterioration of  dark matter.

By Kimberly Ruble


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