GLV Writer Personally Visits Louisville to Investigate ‘Purge’ Threats

Article Writer Visits Louisville on Friday Night to Investigate Claims About the 'Purge'

The Guardian Liberty Voice (GLV) writer of the below article visited Louisville on Friday night to personally investigate the threats and claims about the ‘Purge’ and the real story behind it.  Louisville Metro Police are talking to a teenager who has been allegedly blamed for spreading the tales of the crime spree ‘Purge’ rumor all around the city. They confirmed they had indeed spoken with the young adult who was behind the hoax that ended up trending the world over.

Posters and flyers all over various social media sites stated that a ‘Purge’ crime wave was going to take over the mid-south city this weekend, yet the LMPD stated so far they have not seen any larger amounts of crime than usual. However there were greater totals of anonymous tips being called in to emergency dispatch. The Louisville police explained that local residents continued on with their regular business even with the threats of violence being everywhere.

The posters caught the attention of Jefferson County Public Schools, the police and even the FBI. They had some Louisville high schools so nervous that Friday night football games were apparently canceled. The Louisville police made sure to let the general public know that law enforcement was keeping watchful and alert but they refused to be specific on exactly what tactics they were using.

The writer of this article  also asked numerous individuals if they were frightened about the possibility of the ‘Purge’? Several admitted that they were and wondered if anything would happen after seeing the fliers around town. They admitted to being in some fear wondering if there could actually be anything to the rumors. A few others stated they believed it was a joke from the beginning and never was in fear.

The extra dose of carefulness came after various mobs were connected to nearly 20 different robberies and assaults which occurred in Louisville back in the spring. Louisville Police Sergeant Philip Russell explained that because of circumstances that had occurred nationally in respect to flash mobs and the violence they do, because of what happened in the city this past spring, the LMPD realized that such things can happen at a moment’s notice. The police had already decided to increase their patrol watches over the weekend because of the Kentucky State Fair going on as well.

The idea for a ‘Purge’ came from the feature film The Purge, which came out to the public back in June 2013. It was a movie about a futuristic United States that allowed all crime to be considered legal for 12 hours each year in order to “purge” the inhabitants of any illegal activities. As of this time, it has done nothing more criminal then produce a sequel, which came out in July of this year.

Safety ended up being a concern for parts of Southern Indiana as well. Along with LMPD, both Clarksville and Jeffersonville police departments in the Hoosier state made sure to have extra police patrols. They all declared they took both the threats and also all residents’ concerns very seriously.

A Louisville news source was able to speak with the adolescent who was allegedly behind the entire ‘Purge’ set-up. The teen explained that he did not believe it would get as serious as it did. He said he started feeling very guilty about it because people were even talking about going to Indiana for the weekend. He added that he knew it was wrong for him to do what he did and he wanted to apologize to everyone in Louisville, He said he loved the city, it was where he was born and raised and he does not want to see any harm come to it.

Even though people attempted to being worried about the ‘Purge’, it did not keep them home. From walking on the waterfront to being on Main Street, even heading over to the Clark Memorial Bridge, which had just literally reopened, people were out and about, enjoying themselves like any other normal summer Friday evening. They were dining at the restaurants near the water, such as Joe’s Crab Shack, and strolling on the sidewalk. There did not seem to be any indications of violence.

At the present time, the LMPD has stated no charges have been placed on the teenager. However they continue to investigate him and the tale about the ‘Purge’ crime spree threat hoax all around the city of Louisville.

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