Kylie Jenner Blames Other Driver for Crash

Kylie Jenner has pointed the finger at the driver of the car she collided with on Thursday afternoon. The 17-year-old believes the other woman was at fault for the accident, and has accused her of reckless driving.

Jenner was driving her brand new Range Rover, which was given to her as an early birthday present last weekend, through California’s Glendale neighborhood when the crash occurred. She insists that all was well until the woman swerved into her lane without warning and rear-ended her vehicle. She was reportedly furious about the damage caused to her brand new vehicle, which resulted in thousands of dollars of damage. The story of Kim Kardashian’s half-sister does not quite match up to that of the other driver’s, however, nor her lawyer. Gary Daglian, attorney for the other driver, says the crash was caused by Jenner making an illegal U-turn, which resulted in her vehicle crashing into oncoming traffic. Upon exiting her vehicle, Jenner reportedly tried to bargain with the crash victim, aggressively putting pressure on her to accept cash instead of trading insurance information and alerting the appropriate authorities. The woman declined the offer, instead opting to report the crash. Daglian also gave the statement that the aftermath of the crash was so bad that his client ended up in the hospital.

This is not Jenner’s first mishap when it comes to motor vehicles. Shortly after receiving her driver’s permit following her 16th birthday, she was gifted a $125,000 Mercedes SUV. Less than three weeks later, however, she was involved in a traffic accident which resulted in the car’s wreckage. She has also reportedly been the recipient of multiple traffic tickets, including a speeding ticket given to her in January of this year. Only last month, the teenager was pulled over by authorities for driving with another teenager in the vehicle, upon which time she was also ticketed for her car’s windows being tinted. Jenner has also been heavily scrutinized by the public for her potentially dangerous driving habits, which include taking selfies and filming videos while driving. She received enormous backlash earlier in the summer for posting a video on Vine in which she closed her eyes while playing extremely loud music, and even took her hands off the wheel for a short period of time.

Jenner is best known for being the youngest member of the blended Kardashian-Jenner family. The youngest daughter of former Olympian Bruce Jenner, she has been a part of the family’s hit reality television show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, since its debut in 2007. She has been romantically linked to Canadian pop star Justin Bieber, a matter which reportedly caused the termination of her friendship with former gal pal Selena Gomez. Her modelling career began some years ago after she helped Sears launch their fashion line Crush Your Style, after which she has worked with many high-profile photographers. She has formed close friendships with the children of other celebrity parents, including actor Will Smith’s children Willow and Jayden. She is also one of the most recent participants in the highly trending ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

It remains to be seen what the outcome of Kylie Jenner’s latest car crash will be. However, representatives for the other crash victim remain adamant that their client was not at fault.

by Rebecca Grace

International Business Times
Daily Mail

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