Mark Wahlberg Skipping Brother Donnie’s Wedding to Jenny McCarthy


Mark Wahlberg is reportedly choosing to skip his brother’s wedding to Jenny McCarthy, which is set to happen this weekend. Sources close to the situation say that it is because Mark and his wife are not overly enthusiastic towards McCarthy herself. Said sources gave the statement that contrary to how it is portrayed on the hit A&E reality show Wahlburgers, the actor does not actually have that good of a relationship with his brother’s bride-to-be, nor with his brother.

McCarthy herself has also reportedly stretched the truth about the three’s closeness, most significantly in an interview with radio mogul and America’s Got Talent judge Howard Stern that occurred in July of this year. In the interview, Stern brought up the topic of the middle Wahlberg brother, saying that he had heard of the actor’s disapproval of the relationship between McCarthy and his brother. McCarthy adamantly denied this, saying that from the start Donnie’s brother was fully supportive of the relationship, and that their first meeting went off without a hitch. Wahlberg’s wife Rhea was reportedly furious at McCarthy’s remark that she and the actor hugged and kissed upon their first introduction. McCarthy went on to give her opinion that she had landed the best brother, a comment that reportedly further alienated her from the rest of the family.

When called on to give a statement regarding the matter, a representative for Wahlberg said that he was unable to attend his brother’s wedding due to a conflicting schedule. The individual claims that the Transformers star needs to be in attendance for his daughter’s 11th birthday celebrations, and as such he cannot attend the upcoming nuptials. The girl’s birthday does not actually occur until Tuesday, but the celebration occurs this weekend due to her father having to be in Boston for filming obligations. The aforementioned original sources that detailed the poor relationship between the actor and his brother’s fiancée say that this report is simply untrue, and is simply an attempt to prevent poor publicity for their client.

The 43-year-old is not the only member of the family choosing to miss the event. Fellow brother Bobby will not be attending, although he has yet to release any kind of statement detailing his reasons. Matriarch Alma has also decided to skip the wedding, but those close to the situation say this is due to the woman’s disinclination to travel by air, an attitude which she has expressed very publicly over the years. The mother’s relationship with her son’s fiancée has never been fully discussed outside of the family’s television show, during which Alma went shopping for a birthday present to give to McCarthy and invited the woman to dinner at her home. Brother Paul, the chef and brainchild behind the family’s two restaurants that are the premise behind the show (Wahlburgers and Alma Nove) will be in attendance, as he has reportedly never shown any disdain towards McCarthy, on-screen or off.

Donnie Wahlberg has yet to release a statement regarding his brother Mark deciding to not attend his wedding. The actor himself also has yet to publicly give his own version as to why he will not be there to witness his brother’s second marriage.

by Rebecca Grace


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One Response to "Mark Wahlberg Skipping Brother Donnie’s Wedding to Jenny McCarthy"

  1. Jennifer Pricci   September 2, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    I find it hard to believe any of this article simply because of one critical error. You cited Mark is the “middle” brother. He is actually the youngest. If such a trivial yet easily fact checked detail could be overlooked I have to question the rest of it.
    This family is very close, the sibling relationships are tight, as are the relationships between a constantly growing brood of an admirable matriarch with the consistent addition of grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc.
    While I cannot speak to Mark’s “approval” or “disapproval” or Jenny, I can say that Mark is a highly religious person. You can take that two ways; 1) he may indeed not approve of her due to differing “ideals;” 2) what I believe to be true – being as religious as he is it is unlikely that he would judge someone so harshly as to protest such an important event in the life of his brother and his now wife. I would imagine that the way he chooses to incorporate religion into his life is also to incorporate of a life void of harsh judgement of another – less absolutely inexcusable offenses.


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