Nick Cannon Reportedly Depressed Over Split With Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon is reportedly very depressed over his split with pop superstar Mariah Carey. Sources close to the America’s Got Talent host say he has been extremely “down” since the two began living separately months ago.

One of the reasons the aforementioned source says Cannon is so distraught over the breakup is because he does not feel that the reason his wife chose to go separate ways is in any form legitimate. Reports have stated that Carey constantly experienced the overwhelming worry that her husband was cheating, with her concern reaching a point where she felt it was necessary to have surveillance on him when he was alone. She allegedly hired extra security to keep watch on his activities while he hosted pool parties in Las Vegas. Cannon flat-out denies these accusations, saying he was entirely faithful during their time together. The source also says that the television personality has been kept away from his children during the two’s separation, a matter which he finds extremely difficult to cope with. The pair have two children together, three year-old twins Moroccan Scott and Monroe Cannon. He has also developed a slight irritation towards Carey’s alleged need to be right all of the time, resulting in her reportedly getting extremely upset when he disagrees with her. He says that she has purposefully surrounded herself with people who will never disagree with her, people he calls “yes men.”

Sources close to Carey speak a different story. They say the 44 year-old’s concern with her estranged husband’s fidelity lay with his disregard for her discomfort with him sharing details of their personal life, as well as his past, with the general public. In March of 2014, Nick gave an interview on Big Boy’s radio show, in which he played the self-titled Big Boy’s game, in which the participants name five celebrities they have slept with in the past. One of the name’s on Cannon’s list was reality television star Kim Kardashian, a revelation that Carey was reportedly furious over. Being allegedly unaware of the two’s relationship, sources say she felt humiliated by the public announcement and the relationship began to fully deteriorate. Cannon’s stint on Howard Stern was no better for the pair’s marriage, as he relayed information concerning his wife’s lack of desire to be intimate before their nuptials. This retelling of personal information made Carey even more furious, as she was reportedly extremely upset at her husband’s lack of inability to keep private matters private.

Cannon also gave an interview in 2013 giving details of the intimacy he and Carey shared, another instance in which she felt her personal privacy was violated. Carey also reportedly felt that her husband was absent far too much because of his tendency to take on gigs he did not need, leading to his continued lack of presence around their children. Carey appeared on a radio interview a few months ago, in which she offhandedly quipped about her lack of knowledge concerning her husband’s whereabouts. Cannon has reportedly scoffed at these accusations, stating that last year he brought in an approximate amount of $75 million in order to support his family.

Reports began circulating just days ago stating that the two have been living separately for months, although both had been adamantly keeping up false pretenses of marital stability in order to decrease harassment from the press. Said sources state that the two’s lawyers have been negotiating divorce settlements, and that the final proceedings are imminent. Sources close to Carey refuse to give any statement on the matter, except to say that the singer’s primary focus at this time is the well-being of the couple’s two children.

Nick Cannon has yet to publicly give his own statement regarding his feelings towards the split between himself and Mariah Carey. However, sources associated with the situation believe that the couple’s divorce is, indeed, unavoidable.

by Rebecca Grace

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