Republican Party Driving Force in Obama Lawsuit

Republican Party

Republican Party members are the driving force behind a lawsuit against President Barack Obama. On Wednesday, they gave House Speaker John Boehner the green light to file a lawsuit against Obama, claiming that exceeded his authority in going forward with the Affordable Care Act. Partisan divisions were clearly drawn when the vote was tallied, with 225 Republicans voting for the act and 201 Democrats voting against it. Democrats are protesting their concern that this lawsuit is the first step for impeachment proceedings for President Obama. In spite of it all, President Obama does not seem to be deeply concerned, telling Republicans to stop hating, and calling the suit a “Political Stunt.”

Congressional approval is at an all time low, and America is becoming polarized along party lines, with 50 percent of Democrats saying Republican policies are causing the country to go into decline. On the other hand, Republican faithfuls think the same thing of Democrats. House Speaker John Boehner complained of Obama not doing his job in terms of the border crisis, and cited him for refusing to “faithfully execute our laws.”

The spirit of rebellion is rising in America, with the relative success of the Occupy Movement in 2011. A conservative group called the American Family Association, which has millions of members, has been issuing alerts that encourage the American people to revolt against their members of Congress if a bill passed that does not address the influx of immigrants from Central America. The association callously stated that the immigrants are taking American jobs, and are a danger that law enforcement officials cannot handle. They also played on the conservative American public’s disdain for welfare recipients, claiming that immigrants were also to blame for straining states’ welfare budgets.

Republican Party members are the driving force of the lawsuit against Obama, trying to please their constituents to keep them in office during a critical time in American government. Surprisingly, 57 percent of Americans disagree with the lawsuit; unfortunately, their opinions are falling on deaf ears.

There were 84 percent of Democrats who were against the idea, in contrast to 75 percent of Republicans being for the suit. The backlash of resentment for the Republican Party is paying of f for the Democrats, with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raising $7.6 million dollars since Republicans introduced the bill for the lawsuit. Democrats are playing on the outrage of their base, and that is strengthening their coffers. Democratic voters are not as enthusiastic as Republicans for the fall mid-terms.
This lawsuit just might change that.

Republicans are avoiding the word impeachment, knowing the economic and racial divides in this country would be stirred up, leading to the disenfranchised becoming angry enough to vote Democratic in sheer outrage. Many African-Americans as well as those who have fallen from the middle class from some of the policies of the Republican Party are outraged at this latest bill.Thie demographic could easily be moved to go to the polls to support the President, who has faced an overwhelming backlash from the Republican Party since the 2010 shift in power from Democrats to Republicans.

The Republican Party is the driving force behind this lawsuit, and should consider the cultural and economic ramifications of their cause. But the bill for the lawsuit has been passed, so now all America can do is stay informed and wait.

By Adrianne Hill

Washington Post
The Daily Beast

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  1. Adam Russell   August 3, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    If the gop thought the lawsuit was valid they would file it asap. But they wont. They know that when it gets to court it will be thrown out. So they will drag it out as long as possible. You watch and see if they dont.


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