Robin Williams Cremated With Ashes Spread at Sea

robin williams
Robin Williams was cremated and his ashes were spread in the San Francisco Bay area, according to recent reports. The cremation and scattering of ashes reportedly occurred the same day the actor died.

The aforementioned cremation and spreading of ashes was detailed on Williams’ official death certificate. The certificate, however, does not yet state the official cause of death. The cause of death is listed in the document as pending investigation. Authorities involved in the situation have given the statement that they are waiting on a toxicology report to determine whether or not the actor had any chemicals or toxins in his system at the time of death, such as drugs or alcohol. The news comes as a surprise to many, who were still anticipating news on Williams’ funeral or memorial service. It was not known that the actor even had the intention of being cremated after his death.

The report comes just days after a source close to the actor gave a statement insisting that Williams’ death was spontaneous, not premeditated. Many believed he had been contemplating the idea in the days leading up to his death, based on the public knowledge that he was struggling with depression, for which he had checked himself into rehab the month before he died. The source, however, says this speculation is simply not true. They recall a meeting with the actor just a day before he passed away, an occasion during which they discussed the late actor’s upcoming projects. The source says that Williams was engaged and enthusiastic concerning his future acting endeavors, a mentality which he would not have been experiencing if he had indeed been contemplating his own death. They did, however, confirm that the comedian was extremely unhappy in life, and says he lived in a dark place. Despite this statement, the source merely attributes Williams’ unhappiness to that of most comedians, in that those who play the happy go-lucky individual are usually the most broken behind the scenes.

Other speculation surrounding the reason the actor sunk into a deep depression include reports that he was devastated over the failing of one of his last acting endeavors, CBS’s sitcom The Crazy Ones. Reports have stated that the actor was heavily counting on the show’s success to improve his credibility in the industry, a mission which failed after the show was axed following the completion of season one. Other reports state that the actor was experiencing heavy monetary troubles in the months leading up to his death, primarily due to the debt he experienced after two divorces, as well as his aforementioned trouble finding legitimate roles in acting. The most prominent explanation behind his troubles, however, was the recent revelation by his wife that the actor was in the first stages of Parkinson’s upon his passing. He reportedly had no wish to share his diagnoses with the public, and many feel that taking on the battle of the disease as well as his other issues proved too much to bear for the actor.

Neither Robin Williams’ family nor his representatives have given any statement regarding the news involving his reported cremation and spreading of ashes. His family, however, is still asking for privacy and respect in their continuing time of grief.

By Rebecca Grace

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  1. Alana Marie Burke   August 28, 2014 at 9:24 am

    As it turns out, Robin had his ashes scattered at sea off the coast of Marin County in the same place where he scattered his mother’s ashes after she died in 2001…


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