Ron Howard Downsizes and Moves On

Ron Howard Downsizes and Moves On

Ron Howard, veteran actor and director, is like an American treasure and icon. He has been in the public eye from almost the time he was born, never really desiring to do another career, as he is very comfortable both in front or behind the camera. Although the most talented Howard has graced the stage and screen since he was a young tyke, he is not quite done with the tasks he has in mind. He has downsized and is ready to move on into the next chapter of his life.

Lasting close to 6o years on film, Howard has delighted millions over the years as Opie, Richie and now as a famous director. If we could only count his birthday candles, he may just throw us another wift of magic towards more success, not for own his glory, but for the enjoyment of the ones he entices into his treasures of ongoing enchantment.

The humble, yet thankful Howard has worked hard for his status in show business, rising above his memorable roles. He was a child star, a natural and a whiz to take on new projects as he came of age. With numerous credits, awards, accolades and news clips proclaiming the talent Howard has, it all seems almost redundant to repeat the chatter he has heard before, but he still appreciates the little stuff. Howard, a true figure of Hollywood fame, is worthy of the praise and honor that comes his way.

Howard has gone above and beyond in the territory of uncharted waters within the film industry. He is a man of intrigue, interest and ideas when it comes to film making. He is a magic eye, a secret spy and a man honed in on his craft. He does the research for each film of any genre and pays attention to each and every detail without a hitch.

Recently, Howard and wife Cheryl, his high school sweetheart, decided to downsize their living quarters. The parents of four children have become empty nesters. They have raised Bryce Dallas, an actress on her own, twins Paige and Jocelyn and son Reed. The time has finally come for Howard and his wife to downsize and move on. The couple have decided to sell their Connecticut compound for a mere $27.5 million. Amazingly, it was sold within two weeks of listing the property.

Complete with a tennis court, home theatre, inside pool, and 32 acres, the grounds have reached the point of opportunity for a new, undisclosed family. Leaving many memories behind for the Howards, they are downsizing and embarking on new discoveries of their own. Much love and attention was given to the homestead for the last 25 years or so, but the time to move on has reached the end of the reel for Howard and his wife.

With the children now grown, they are pursuing their own careers and producing grandbabies for the couple. Howard and his wife are happy to just travel the world and rest comfortably in the California nooks and crannies as they find solitude amongst the sun and sea scaped adventures.

With many projects on the table and actively being tended to, Howard remains a constant draw to each film he produces and directs. The list has become endless with many key players such as Tom Hanks, Gary Sinese and Chris Hemsworth. The imaginative powers Howard possesses alongside good friend and producer Brian Grazer have more than doubled the expectations anyone had hoped for several years ago.

Howard’s feature film, Parenthood, starring Steve Martin and Mary Steenburgen has just recently turned 25 years old. Old films do not seem like they have aged when it comes to classics like this. Even private lives of the celebrities seem to disappear in no time. The still young looking Howard may hide behind a ball cap with his thinning hair, but his young spirit and drive is always enticing with his friendly smile and calming and knowing attitude.

Howard is worth $35 million, but has downsized his living quarters and is ready to move on. He remains a down to earth guy using the benefits of his bounties to do good works. His many causes beyond films shows his generous spirit as he donates proceeds of his doodle mugs to The Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Howard’s gusto, creativeness and charisma will span the ages. He is set to release his new film Heart of the Sea as well as his documentary on the Beatles in 2015. Howard is not at a standstill by any means, as he is constantly moving and at the helm of new adventures yet to come.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon



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