Taylor Swift Dresses Down to Be on Tonight Show (Video)

Taylor Swift Dresses Down to Be on Tonight Show (Video)

Taylor Swift is a lot of things, beautiful, talented, a singer who rules the charts and whose fans adore her, she is now proving that she might just have a talent for comedy when she dressed down to be on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. The 24 year-old singer is playing dressup, or down, to appear on the comedy sketch “teen show” EW! and she’ll be joining the ranks of Seth Rogen and Zac Efron who have already shown up on the “program.”

Donning a upper set of “fake teeth,” complete with ersatz braces, Taylor sounds like she is doing her best Jerry Lewis “Nutty Professor” impression as she talks to Sarah the EW! host. She is also wearing glasses that make her eyes look much bigger and the world’s worst hairstyle. The video shows her explaining that their mothers were best friends in college and inviting herself over to “chill.” Just to show that Swift’s beauty is not just skin deep, she manages to charm as her nerdy alter-ego Natalie.

Taylor has been very busy this year, working in the Jeff Bridges, Brenton Thwaites vehicle The Giver which is due to hit cinemas on August 15 this year. She has also been on Instagram handing out advice to those who have problems with their lovelife. Perhaps, being proved right, yet again, with her appraisal of Justin Bieber’s unsuitability for old pal Selena Gomez she is now an expert. With Taylor Swift’s video, where she dresses down to be on the Fallon’s Tonight Show she has also shown that her sense of humor is pretty spot on as well.

The I Knew You Were Trouble singer, has been doing more than playing agony aunt on Instagram, she has also been hinting that some new music may be in the cards. Taylor does much more than drop tracks, she takes care of her fans. It was only four days ago that the award winning singer sang for a seven year-old fan, Jordan Nickerson.

Jordan has leukemia and on top of the serenade, which turned into a sort of duet, she talked to the youngster about things like Play-Doh and Spider-Man. Taylor has donated much more than money to her various interests and charities, she donates her time. The amount of each that she sets aside for each, has made her the number one young-celebrity philanthropist over many of her contemporaries.

This year has been seen a lot of press dealing with her relationship with old BFF Selena Gomez and the tumultuous relationship that the singer has with Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. Swift has also been featured in a lot of publications where they point out how great she looks after going to the gym. Now the country/pop singer has increased her focus into acting alongside some pretty big names in the business, Bridges, Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes and Alexander SkarsgÄrd, et al.

All that remains is for the lovely entertainer to show just how well she can do comedy. Now that Taylor Swift is going to be onTonight Show with her dressed down video performance as “Natalie,” fans can see whether or not she has those comedy chops or not. It has to be said that in the taped segment, she manages to look cute, fake teeth and all, rather than too nerdy for comfort. The singer is scheduled appear with Fallon on August 13. You can see Taylor in the video below.

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