World News: GLV Daily Digest for August 12, 2014

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The world news daily digest from Guardian Liberty Voice for August 12, 2014 covers the further escalation of Ukrainian crisis, the potential truce talks between Israel and Palestine, and a bomb threat in a Canadian city hall.

Ukraine Denies Access to Vehicles Carrying Aid From Russia

On Tuesday, Ukrainian officials reported that 280 trucks with humanitarian aid from Russia to the war-torn Ukrainian city of Luhansk will not be allowed to cross the border. The spokesman for Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, Andriy Lysenko, announced that the convoy would not be granted access since it has not been certified by the Red Cross. During this announcement, Lysenko also presented a filmed video which shows vehicles similar to the trucks dispatched from Russia. In one scene, uniformed troops are seen lined up in front of one of the trucks.

Early Tuesday morning, Russian television reported that trucks carrying 2,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid were departing to Ukraine. NTV television channel showed hundreds of trucks lined up at a depot outside of Moscow. These trucks were reported to be carrying essentials such as baby food and sleeping bags. Andre Loersch, who is a spokesman for the Red Cross in Kiev, Ukraine, announced that he had no information about the content of the trucks and where they were headed.

Israeli and Palestinian Leaders Meet to Discuss Potential for Permanent Truce

As the 72-hour cease-fire between Israel and Gaza Strip went into its second day, Israeli negotiators returned to Egypt where they resumed talks with Egyptian officials and Palestinian militants regarding a possibility of a permanent truce between the two sides. According to reports from Israeli news media, Israeli government was willing to ease the economic and border restrictions in Gaza, however reports could not be confirmed.

As the cease-fire held into its second day, shops reopened in Gaza bringing a sense of normalcy back into the Palestinian community. Many returned to their neighbourhoods for the first time since fleeing weeks ago while search and rescue teams searched for possible bodies in the damaged buildings. Egypt plays the role of a mediator between Hamas and Israel, while attempting to serve its own interests in the processes. As conflicts spring up around the world, many hope for peace in the volatile region. Yitzhak Aharonovitch, who is the Israeli Public Security Minister, said he is not optimistic about a long-term settlement being achieved anytime soon.

Toronto Mayor Receives Threatening Email

On Monday, bomb-sniffing dogs scoured the Toronto City Hall, following the reports of a bomb threat. The current mayor of the popular Canadian city received an email which contained the threat. The email claimed that unless Rob Ford, who is the current Toronto mayor did not resign within 12 hours, the City Hall would be blown up. A similar letter was sent to Rob Ford’s brother, Councillor Doug Ford.

The email was read out publicly by Mayor Ford to the reporters on Monday afternoon, and while Mayor Ford called the threat serious, he also made it well-known that the City Hall was carrying on with their tasks and duties. As the police searched the building, people came in to pay their taxes and receive marriage licenses. Mayor Ford even took time to pose for photos with visitors. Throughout the day, the City Hall was never evacuated and the police had completely cleared the building by supper time.

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