World News: GLV Daily Digest for August 19, 2014

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The world news daily digest from Guardian Liberty Voice for August 19, 2014 covers stories around the globe. Pope Francis lost three members of his family in a car accident in Argentina, just days after Pope Francis publicly discussed the prospect of his own death. An Australian politician, Clive Palmer, is widely criticized for his racist remarks towards Australia’s biggest trading partner, China. Meanwhile in Ireland, a woman was deemed to be suicidal was denied an abortion under the country’s anti-abortion laws.

Pope’s Family Suffers Loss After Car Accident

A car accident in Argentina resulted in the deaths of three relatives of Pope Francis. The car was driven by Horacio Bergoglio, the Pope’s nephew, when they hit a truck in the province of Cordoba. Two children, an eight-month old baby and a two-year-old toddler, as well as their mother, were killed in the accident. Their father remains in critical condition in the hospital. Frederico Lombardi, who is the Vatican spokesman said the pope is deeply pained by the news and asks for all who share his grief to pray with him.

The accident occurred just one day after Pope Francis publicly discussed the prospect of his own death, believing that he has two or three years left before he is “off to the Father’s House.” Pope Francis also discussed the possibility of retirement from papacy if he could no longer perform his duties. The Pope is highly popular across the world, handling the popularity with ease. However he had admitted that at first, this amount of popularity scared him.

Australian Politician Widely Criticized Following Nationally Televised Tirade

Clive Palmer, who is an Australian politician and mining magnate was accused of threatening Australia’s relationship with China, following his tirade on national television. The 60-year-old Palmer called Chinese citizens “mongrels” and accused them of an attempt to conquer Australia during a forum which was aired across the country. Meanwhile, Australian politicians criticized Palmer, calling his comments offensive and unacceptable for a politician to make, particularly on national television.

The tirade comes after Palmer, who was elected to Parliament last year, was accused of using the money from his mining company and its Chinese state-owned partner in order to fund Palmer United Party’s election campaign. The two companies are now facing a legal dispute. It is believed that Palmer withdrew $12 million for campaign purposes.

Woman in Ireland Denied Abortion

In Ireland, a woman who was pronounced suicidal by doctors, has given birth to a baby after being refused an abortion under the Irish anti-abortion laws. Some sources suggest that the woman was a victim of rape, however the Ireland’s Health Service Executive has not confirmed the claim. While she cannot be named for legal reasons, the woman is not an Irish citizen and could not travel to the United Kingdom for the procedure as is commonly done by women in Ireland.

The woman requested an abortion at eight weeks, saying that she was suicidal. Under the Ireland’s new abortion laws, abortion is legal when there is a substantial and a real risk to the life of the woman. This includes the risk of suicide. It is believed that health officials delayed their decision to perform the abortion until the baby’s life was viable, legally forcing the woman to give birth. The baby was delivered via caesarean section at 25 weeks and has been since placed in state care.

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