Frozen Ride to Replace Maelstrom at Disney World

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News from Disney World and Epcot Center’s World Showcase is that a new Frozen ride, based on the movie, will be constructed to replace of the current Maelstrom ride located in the Norway Pavilion. The Maelstrom ride has long been a fan favorite, ever since it debuted in 1988, but the immense popularity of Disney’s movie, Frozen, has prompted the company to make the planned change at Epcot.

According to the chairman of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Thomas Staggs, the Frozen ride, which will be based on the 2013 movie, will take Epcot’s “guests to Arendelle,” the fictional kingdom in which Frozen is set. The Norway Pavilion, Staggs added, will also have a special area in which Anna and Elsa can meet our guests.” The addition of many areas at Disneyland and Disney World where guests can meet their favorite animated characters and get their autographs and have their pictures taken with them have proven to be very popular with guests both young and old at the parks.

Already, costumed Disney employees portraying Anna and Elsa have taken to patrolling areas of the Disney parks. They have been two of the most approached costumed figures due to the immense numbers of fans for Frozen. Gwen Stefani, who is, herself, a fan of the animated movie, visited the Disney parks in November 2013 and had her picture taken with Anna and Elsa.


Look to the holiday season that is swiftly approaching for a little bit of extra Frozen magic to happen at Disney World, itself. That is because, according to Staggs, the Cinderella Palace will be transformed every night by Queen Elsa’s magic powers “into an ice palace.” This special treat will start beginning “in early November,” he added. Also, both of the cinematic sisters and even Olaf and Kristoff will appear in the annual Christmas parade.

The Frozen ride will reportedly include music and favorite moments from the movie to delight fans of the mega hit flick which has earned over $1.3 billion dollars worldwide. The Maelstrom (Whirlpool) ride features a dark boat ride and trolls. It has been one of Epcot guests must-ride rides for years, but the new Frozen ride will likely prove to be just as popular, if not more so, with park guests.

The Disney company has announced plans to have a short film made based on Frozen, which will have the title Frozen Fever. The company has also stated that they have a sequel to Frozen that is in the planning stages now. The producer of Frozen, Peter Del Vecho, has said that there is, in addition, a Broadway show that “is under development.”

The Magic Kingdom is truly a magical place for the millions of guests who visit it and the other Disney parks every year. Love it or hate it, the Disney movie Frozen has been a huge money-maker for the company. Let it Go is one of the catchiest of the songs in the animated flick, a tune that will stay with whoever views the movie forever after.

Currently, Let it Go can be heard right now through September 28 at the special events called “Frozen Summer Fun LIVE.” In the very near future, the animated movie’s influence will be seen and felt in the Disney parks even more, especially at Epcot and Disney World. The much-loved Maelstrom ride will be replaced with a Frozen ride, for better or worse. It will likely make the Norway Pavilion even more popular at Epcot than it is now.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Photos Courtesy of Disney

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