New Mexico Police Department Catch ‘Ghost’ On Film

New Mexico Ghost On Film

In New Mexico, in the town of Espanola, local police happened to catch what they believed to be a “ghost” walking throughout the police department’s sealed off sally port on film. It was taped on a surveillance camera the police had erected in the blocked-off area. The Espanola police department stated that there was no possible way either in or out of the protected area where the alleged ghost was seen on film without triggering an alarm to sound off.

The police officers also explained to the media that they were unable to find any sort of logical description for the event, except for it being a true ghostly appearance, to account for the strange movements that showed up on the video tape. It was back on Sept. 20 of this year that Officer Karl Romero of the Espanola department was on duty and observing the surveillance video from inside the police department when he happened to notice something unusual. What he saw frightened him. In the surveillance material, there was some sort of vague ghostly figure walking around the inside police parking lot and also continuing through a secured gate.

Officer Romero stated that he first thought the entity was either a moth or a fly and then he happened to notice it had legs and realized it was some sort of ghost. Even though not completely clear, the object in the video appeared to be walking on two legs. Cynics might certainly lift their eyebrows at the claims that Romero made about the entity on the screen being something supernatural, but it just the sort of ghostly presence that Detective Solomon Romero explained that was most definitely not out of the ordinary in any way at their police station.

Detective Romero stated that numerous police officers had seen many different things. He added that several of them had even had the experience of having the feeling of something breathing down their necks as they were working inside the briefing room. For anyone who has watched movies like Poltergeist, the question if the police department was erected over some sort of ancient Native American burial grounds immediately came to mind, according to one media source. After doing research, however, that media outlet stated that the station had not been built over any type of known sacred grounds and there were no inmates that had ever passed away while being held at the building.

Regardless of that being said, many officers at the department have spooky stories to share. Several law enforcement officials described hearing strange noises in the dead of night as well as catching sight of odd images in the lobby of the station that cannot be explained. So with Halloween just a little over a month away, such mysterious sightings have caused several of the police officers at the station to feel extremely anxious. They want to know what the image on the video is, is it dust or a real apparition? According to Detective Romero, the answer for him is rather clear. He stated that he believes in ghosts, and added that they have had unsolved murders in the Espanola area. So for him, the answer as to what was on the video is already there. He thought that his station’s camera caught a real ghost when it filmed the semi-transparent entity walking inside the police department’s sealed off sally port.

By Kimberly Ruble


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  1. Janice Fahrnkopf   September 30, 2014 at 10:53 am

    Could be [no pun intended] ghosting from previously recorded images.

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