Tamar Braxton Physically Abused by Husband Vince Herbert?

Tamar Braxton Physically Abused by Husband Vince Herbert?

In the midst of the Ray Rice controversy rumors have surfaced that Tamar and Vince get physical during arguments. It is no secret the two of them have their share of disputes as we have seen on their reality show Tamar & Vince. For many of their fans it is the constant arguing that keeps them watching to see what mechanism Tamar will employ next to get under her husband’s skin.

The rumors which have floated around claim the tongue lashings are frequently followed with physical fights. During a recent interview with the Love and War singer on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Tamar answered the questions head on. Co-host Angela Yee spoke candidly about the rumors which have said that Tamar and her husband/manager get down and physical and asked her directly to address them.

Tamar is perplexed and does not understand how people keep coming up with these types of allegations about her being in an abusive marriage. She asked, “Where do they come from?” The Hot Sugar singer said she is not that chick and does not have time for that. In her sarcastic manner, Tamar said she is booked and the two of them are not “…getting ready to just guff every day.”

Of course they argue, said the singer. She added, “There is a lot to argue about, they work together and he is her husband.” Tamar said he is also her baby’s daddy so they have things to argue about but at the end of the day Vince is her best friend and has never laid a hand on her. She said she would not be where she is if it was not for Vince.

The Breakfast Club co-host then asked Tamar how she felt about the Ray Rice controversy. Yee wanted to know if the singer would return to Vince if he was abusive to her. Tamar said she could not see going back. She added:

I have been in a really abusive relationship before, and I am not that girl who you are just going to hit on.

Tamar has never been very comfortable sharing details surrounding her past domestic violence situation but she does not hesitate to make it very clear that she has been there and is glad to be free. The singer said if it were not for God she would not be here. The woman who has emerged is not the same girl from before.

The singer said she used to be shy with very low self-esteem. She credits her self-esteem issues to the abuse she suffered. She is not ashamed to say, “How the world sees Tamar today, very confident and highly opinionated, is only a few years in the making.” The way she expresses herself and speaks up about her feeling was non-existent in her past relationships. Tamar has now gotten over the hangovers which resulted from being abused and feeling powerless in her relationships.

When speaking of her current husband, Vincent Herbert, the Braxton Family Values star said there is no truth to the domestic abuse or divorce rumors. Vince has helped her deal with what she went through and caused her to emerge better than ever. He has never abused her and is the reason she is as strong as she is today. Tamar said there is no doubt she loves and appreciates Vince more every day.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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    Don’t believe a word of it. Vince can’t catch Tamar, (Isn’t Logan the cutest baby. Logan & Riley Curry, cute kids).


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