Why Christians Cannot Support Obama


Today, many Christians find themselves at odds with people who are atheistic or of other faiths over politics. Nowhere has this disagreement been more obvious than in conversations surrounding the current President of the United States. Many non-Christians believe that Christians betray their faith by saying anything about Obama that does not resemble a glorious reference. However, that simply cannot be. Being a Christian does not mean that one likes everyone.

Consider the words of the Apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 4:2-4. Paul told his young protégé to always be ready to preach the word regardless of convenience. He told him to reprimand and encourage in all this teaching. He said this was important because the time would come when people would not be willing to listen to sound biblical doctrine but would come up with teachers who would tickle their ears and allow them to avoid listening to the truth. Nowhere in the Bible did the Apostle Paul say that we should simply be nice at all times. However, popular culture today would say that the first great commandment is simply to be sweet at all times.

There are many issues that one could discuss in illustrating this point. But for the sake of brevity, this article will focus on the issue of abortion.

Twenty six times, the phrase “with child” appears in the Bible. The Latin word for offspring, “fetus,” does not appear even once.

Luke 1 tells about Elizabeth, cousin to Mary the mother of Jesus, and her conceiving of a son in her advanced years. In Luke 1:41, it tells how the child leapt in the womb at the sound of Mary’s voice. It does not talk about a fetus or a non-viable piece of tissue. It obviously recognizes the child, though still in the womb, as a living human being.

This is confirmed in Jeremiah 1:5 where God informs the prophet that he knew him before he was formed in the womb. He said he was appointed a prophet before he was even born. Psalms 139 tells the reader that God knitted human beings together in secret and scheduled his days before they even started. Galatians 1:15 echoes the same sentiment. One can only conclude that God knew the prophet even before conception.  Life begins at conception. The unborn child is a living soul. That is all one can conclude from the Bible.

In that same Bible, God condemns the killing of the innocent. Proverbs 6 lists seven things that are hated by the Lord. One of those includes those who would shed innocent blood. The Psalmist said in Psalms 127:3 that children are a gift from God and should be viewed as a reward.

So what can be concluded from all of this? Simply put, God is well acquainted with a child before birth has even taken place. The child dwelling inside the body of the mother is a human being. God curses one who would kill the innocent and one would have to agree that perhaps nothing is more innocent than an unborn baby? To have an abortion (a word drawn from a Latin word which means “to perish”) is to destroy an innocent human. The Bible later says that those who murder in an unrepentant fashion cannot enjoy a home in Heaven.

So why would a Christian not support Obama? Abortion is just one of the many issues but it is definitely on the list.

As a Senator from Illinois, Obama cast a vote against a piece of legislation designed to stop partial-birth abortions from occurring. He also voted against requiring minors to have parental consent before being allowed to have an abortion. The National Abortions Right Action League, also known as NARAL, gave him a perfect score when looking at his pro-choice voting record while in the Senate.

Obama has insisted that there not be any restrictions that would limit the choice of a mother as to what to do about her unborn child. This would include a child who actually survived abortion can breathe outside of the womb. Even in that type of case, the President throughout his career has refused to allow the child to be given the classification of human being. He has been very open about his support of Planned Parenthood, an organization that destroys 910 babies daily on average. He has been one of many politicians who has made sure that Planned Parenthood receives close to $400 million in taxpayer funded grants yearly.

On the occasion of the 39th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court case (Roe v. Wade), Obama stated that the right to barbarically kill a child was a basic constitutional right. Even when talking about his own daughters, he stated that if his children got pregnant out of wedlock, he would not want them to be punished with a baby.

Obama has said that he lives by Matthew 7:12 which is also known as the Golden Rule. The verse is well known and says that everyone must treat others like they want  to be treated. Yet, the President must then answer the question as to whether or not he would want someone to methodically tear his limbs from his body and then leave him to suffer a slow painful death. Obviously, abortion is a direct breaking of the golden rule.

It can easily be argued that if a child is allowed by the Supreme God to be conceived, then God must have a plan for that infant. Nobody knew at the time, except Mary, that she would give birth to the prophesied Messiah; yet she did. God has a plan for babies not yet born. To kill an unborn baby is to stop God’s plan. God’s work is eternal and abortion is an attempt to get rid of those who are unwanted and also make a liar out of the Almighty and bring an end to his plan.

Quite simply, the true Christian cannot sit by in silence and approve of one man’s choice to constantly strip away humanity and dignity away from innocents. To sit quietly and let it happen allows one to be an accomplice. A Christian has to look to the truth of the Bible. And the truth states that God’s plan must be preached whether convenient or not. It may not be popular but it must be done.

Yes, there are many other issues. There is gay marriage. There is religious freedom. But it really is simple regardless of the issue. A Christian who chooses to follow the Bible cannot support Obama.

Opinion by Rick Hope

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  1. Jason   September 24, 2014 at 3:20 pm

    “In that same Bible, God condemns the killing of the innocent. Proverbs 6 lists seven things that are hated by the Lord. One of those includes those who would shed innocent blood.” So were there no innocent children in Sodom when god torched the place? How about Ham? what did he do that was so wrong? And what about the children who mocked the god fearing Elisha mauled by bears at gods command? Seems about right I suppose. Plagues genocide infanticide. Lets not forget there were cats back then, cats occasionally have kittens, so now god gets to slaughter them as well, pfft no biggie.
    “Quite simply, the true Christian cannot sit by in silence and approve of one man’s choice to constantly strip away humanity and dignity away from innocents.” Ahh the true Christian. So which ones are they? Well if you ask each individual christian if they are a true christian they say they are so who is the arbiter, you? The bible that none of you can seem to agree on? god, in his now infinite silence despite so many more praying so-called “true christians” than in ancient times of rampant boils (thanks god) hemorrhoids (thanks again) and child slaughter? Ahh the good old days. And speaking of innocents, how many did the priests defile? Or are Catholics not “true christians”. Your opinion here Rick both combines and maximizes ignorance and arrogance simultaneously. Which, having conversed with many a christian, true or not, sadly seems something of a banality.


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