‘Dancing With the Stars’: The Spirit of Halloween [Recap]

Dancing With the Stars

On Dancing With the Stars tonight, the dances are inspired by the spirit of Halloween. There were some scary good dances performed and a couple that were just…scary. There will also be a competitive team dance, with the celebs and their pro dance partners being split up into two teams and getting judged based on how well they do dancing to Halloween songs. Also, judge Len Goodman was back after an absence of a few weeks to re-claim his seat this Halloween Night episode. Ella Henderson performed the song Ghost during the episode and Nikki Yanofsky sang Necessary Evil.

Dancing With the Stars began with a dance number involving all of the members of the casts, both celebrity dancers and professionals. It was really cool, a good way to put people in the Halloween mood and kick off the episode.

On Dancing With the Stars, Tommy Chong and Peta Murgatroyd took the stage first, dancing a Quickstep dance to That Old Black Magic by Louis Prima and Keely Smith. Chong has the moves, and he just might surprise a lot of people by winning it all, though he is still considered to be a long shot. The judges gave them fairly decent scores of straight 7s, so they ended up in the first part of the competition tonight with a score of 28/40.

Lea Thompson and her dance partner, Artem Chigvintsev, were next to perform on Dancing With the Stars. They did an Argentine Tango to Nikki Yanofsky singing Necessary Evil, and they were AWESOME! They received scores of two 8s and two 9s from the judges winding up with a total of 34/40 points for their efforts. That score was enough for them to be safe and continue on to next week’s Dancing With the Stars episode.

Then, on Dancing With the Stars, Bethany Mota and Derek Hough showed off their own excellent dance moves by dancing a Paso Doble to the song Run Boy Run by Woodkid. There performance was the best of the evening, so far, and the judges awarded them scores of three 10s and one 9, for an almost perfect total of 39/40 points. That score was more than adequate to ensure that Bethany will still be in the running next week.

Antonio Sabàto, Jr. and pro dancer Cheryl Burke continued the spooky night on Dancing With the Stars by dancing a Viennese Waltz to I Put a Spell on You by Nina Simone. Though they did a great job, the judges were not kind to them. They just got three 7s and even one 6, for a score of 27/40. This put them in danger of being eliminated by the end of the episode.

Michael Waltrip might be a great race car driver, but he has not fared all that well trying to get the judges to give him high scores this season. He still has managed to remain in the competition, though, along with his dance partner, Emma Slater. They did a Jive dance to the Charlie Daniels’ song The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Their scores were, so far, the worst of the evening. The judges deemed them worthy of just getting four 5s, for a minuscule score of 20/40 points.

Then on Dancing With the Stars, the next couple to perform was Janel Parrish from Pretty Little Liars and her dance partner, Valentin Chmerkovskiy. They performed an amazing Viennese Waltz to the song Secret by The Pierces. The judges gave them three 8s and one 7 for 31/40 points. Janel and Val were declared safe and will also be moving on to next week’s Dancing With the Stars episode.

Alfonso Ribeiro and Witney Carson then danced on Dancing With the Stars. The dance they performed was a Rumba to Ghost, sung by Ella Henderson. They were TERRIFIC! The four judges gave them straight 9s, for an impressive score of 36/40 points. They were also safe, of course, with that score.

The final couple to dance before the second, competitive team dance was Sadie Robertson and her pro partner, Mark Ballas. They danced a Paso Doble tonight, to the song Come With Me Now by Kongos. The judges scored them with two 7s and two 8s, for a total of 30/40. They will also be moving on to next Monday’s episode of Dancing With the Stars.

Then, Dancing With the Stars went to the second stage of tonight’s competition, the competitive team dance part of the episode, where the celebs and pro dancers were split into two teams. One of the two teams, dubbed Team Itsy Bitsy, was composed of Michael and Emma; Bethany and Derek; Lea and Artem; and, Janel and Val. They all did a Freestyle dance to the song Black Widow by Iggy Azalea (featuring Rita Ora) and earned scores of straight 9s, making 36/40 points.

The second team, Team Creepy, was made up of Tommy and Peta; Sadie and Mark; Alfonso and Witney; and, Antonio and Cheryl Burke. They also danced a Freestyle dance, to the song Time Warp, as sung by the cast of Glee. The four judges gave them somewhat lower scores of straight 8s, making a total of 32/40 points.

The celeb and pro dancer eliminated on Dancing With the Stars on this special Halloween episode in which the spirit of Halloween was definitely in the air was Antonio Sabàto, Jr. and Cheryl Burke. They did not get the lowest scores from the four judges, but they must not have gotten enough votes from their fans across America to remain in the competition. Antonio was thought of as being one of the best celeb dancers this season, so it is somewhat surprising that he has now been eliminated from the competition.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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