The Originals Season 2 Episode 4: Live and Let Die [Recap/Review]

The Originals

Cami returned in the fourth episode of The Originals season two, Live and Let Die, and not just as someone to psychoanalyze Klaus. She was there to offer advice and help him work out what his parents are up to. However, that was not all that happened.

Marcel learns that Esther, who is now in the body of Lenore, wants him out of New Orleans all together. Some wolves come knocking on his door to tell him to get out, but Marcel is not willing to do that. New Orleans is the only home he has known, and he wants to remain. Instead, he gathers his new vampire army and tells them he will teach them how to fight.

That is until Elijah turns up, who is now strongly on Team Vampire. Elijah breaks two necks before anyone realizes he is there, showing that everyone needs to be on guard even in their home. Wolves can attack at any time, along with a couple of Original Vampires and an Original Witch. Marcel realizes that he needs Elijah to teach his new vampires how to fight, but he knew that already judging by his words at the end of the second episode of The Originals.

Mikael is not making it easy for Davina. She has moved him to a cabin, but it does not change their dynamic. He is still under her control for now, and is even willing to help her. In episode four, Live and Let Die, of The Originals season two, Mikael makes it clear that a real warrior fights through the pain. It is something that he always taught his family, even if they do not like his teaching style.

The lesson also proves to be useful to the father of the Original Vampires. When Klaus pays him a visit, after Cami’s persuasion, Mikael deals with the physical pain. Klaus even stabs him with a knife, and it does not do anything to slow Mikael down. How can he ever be stopped without the white oak stake?

The most alarming part of the episode of The Originals for many was to learn about Esther’s plan. She wants all the teen wolves to activate their curse, since moonlight rings will give them the power to dictate when they turn. That’s an issue. Not only will it mean more wolves, but these poor teens and children will have to kill someone to activate their curse.

Oliver and Aiden do not want any of that and turn to Hayley, who has to turn to Elijah for help. It does prove that Oliver is someone to trust—for now—and also gives Josh a love interest for the season. Will this end with broken hearts like all the rest for everyone on the show?

The plan to save the potential teen wolves goes well, and Hayley gets them all to the bayou. Something that has not been raised yet, though, is where Jackson is in all of this. There is no way he has just run away. While he has not appear in Live and Let Die, episode four, he will surely come up in season two of The Originals just when Hayley and Oliver least expect it, but at a crucial moment.

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