The Vampire Diaries Malese Jow Comes to The Flash

The Vampire Diaries

Malese Jow is swapping her vampire fangs for supersonic speed, as she switches from The Vampire Diaries to come to The Flash. She is best known for her role as teenage vampire Anna, the daughter of Pearl and girlfriend of Jeremy. She joins The Flash as another love interest; this time for the main character.

Jow took to Twitter to share the exciting news, but did not give that much away. It will be a very different character to her one on The Vampire Diaries. Not only will she be alive, but she will also be a quick-witted reporter, rather than a sarcastic teenager. Her character works for the Central City Picture News, and she will aid Iris, who is trying to find her way through the quick-paced world of journalism. For those who read the DC Comics, the name of her character will rings some bells; Linda Park.

Linda is an important part in the comics. She dates Wally West, and eventually becomes his wife. However, the CW may have different ideas for her character, which often happens with TV shows like this. She will reportedly make a connection with Barry Allen first after meeting him in a local bar.

The actress has had a few roles on the CW, already. Jow may be jumping from The Vampire Diaries to The Flash, but she was also in Star-Crossed. That was a short-lived TV show on the channel. She has also had some success with movies, after appearing in The Social Network in 2010.

Her character will just be the latest in a long list of comic characters appearing in the TV show based on the comics. So far, Captain Cold, played by Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller, and The General, played by Clancy Brown, have appeared. Other characters include Heat Wave, Firestorm, Platique, captain Sing and The Clock King.

Fans wonder if many others will be appearing, and have been waiting for The Vampire Diaries actress’ to show up. She does play a pivotal role in the comics, especially during the later ones.

Linda Park originally appeared in issue 28 of the comics. Jow will appear in the 12th episode of the current season of The Flash. The network has confirmed that her role will be a recurring one, but not confirmed the number of episodes she will appear in. Maybe her character will last longer than her The Vampire Diaries character. As Anna, she died at the end of the first season. She later returned as a ghost and appeared only to Jeremy, played by Steven R. McQueen, but that was short-lived after finding her mother. As for Star-Crossed, the show was cancelled after the first season.

It will be an exciting time for the actress. For many, the idea of playing a character from comic books is amazing. There is so much that can be done with superhero characters and their love interests. Jow will appear in the 12th episode of The Flash, after jumping ship from The Vampire Diaries and Star-Crossed.

By Alexandria Ingham


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