Drake’s Entourage Causes Upset in Caribbean

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The entourage that Drake brought with him to the Caribbean this past Friday caused a significant amount of upset to some of the locals, one more so than the other. Fellow rapper P. Reign managed to severely anger several other men while the two and their appropriate posse were on the island of St. Martin to shoot a music video for Reign’s latest hit, entitled DnF.

The track was celebrated by way of a launch party orchestrated by Drake himself, which was held that same night at a popular nightclub in the area. The Toronto native’s rumored new girlfriend Lira Galore (an aspiring model and former exotic dancer), was also present at the festivities, an event where the aforementioned conflict was said to have been started. An insider at the club gave an exclusive interview with the New York Post’s Page Six, in which they gave the statement that P. Reign was making an effort to surround himself with as many girls as possible, even though some of them were in no way available.

Reign is said to have taken a group of women to a private VIP room for a more intimate celebration, and the source details how the significant others of said women were in no way pleased to learn that their partners had gone off alone with the rapper. The situation escalated when Reign allegedly took one of the taken women back to the villa Drake had reserved for the trip, which costs approximately $20,000 a night. The woman’s boyfriend reportedly became so enraged upon gaining knowledge of this news that he destroyed his own hotel room, of which he was occupying at the lodging facility across the street from said nightclub.

The damage caused by the man is said to be in the range of $5000, and he was subsequently arrested at the scene following a report being made to the appropriate authorities regarding his actions. A separate source told Page Six that the man ended up damaging most of the floor he was staying on, and that witnesses had seen smoke coming from the area in which his room was located. Reign himself reportedly left the island just in time following the end of the video shoot, as Hurricane Gonzalo is currently making its way through the surrounding area. The same cannot be said for Drake, however, as he and the rest of the aforementioned entourage are still said to be stuck in the Caribbean until the storm dies down enough for them to safely make their leave.

Drake has certainly been receiving his fair share of media attention in the last few weeks. At the beginning of the month, a Texas stripper by the name of Jhonni Blaze accused the rapper of allowing his people to come to her home and threaten her life, an action she says he resorted to due to his worry she would inform the public of their brief intimacy together some time ago. The woman has since retracted her statement, calling into a local radio station in order to apologize and give the statement that she never meant to spread negative gossip about him, and that the entire thing was blown out of proportion.

It remains to be seen how Drake himself feels regarding P. Reign’s alleged behavior while the two were in the Caribbean together. Neither he nor his representatives have yet given any statement regarding the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

Page Six
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