Grimm Season 4 Premiere: Thanks for the Memories (Recap/Review)

GrimmSeason 3 of Grimm ended with a huge cliffhanger, since Nick lost his powers and he is not a Grimm any more. Grimsters were eagerly awaiting for season 4 to premiere, because many questions were left unanswered and many new arose after the season 3 finale.

Thanks for the Memories is the first episode of Grimm‘s new season and it starts with Captain Renard being rushed into surgery. He was shot three times and he is loosing a lot of blood. Doctors are afraid that his kidneys might shut down, so they ask Hank to notify Sean’s family and prepare them for the worse.

Nick, Juliette, Hank and Trubel arrive to Nick’s house, but the place is crowded with police. Since she killed the man who shot Sean, Trubel is afraid that she will be arrested. However, Hank tells everyone that they have to come up with the same story and leave the Wessen parts out. After Trubel tells the police what happened, FBI also arrives there, since the man who Trubel killed was an FBI agent, named Weston Stewart. Furthermore, after one of the FBI agents sees Nick’s book with a bunch of Wessen inside, this woman voges and she looks pretty upset.

Meanwhile, a new Wessen is presented in the show and this is a really ugly one. When he voges, his head looks like an octopus and he can steal memories from his victims with his tentacles. As he attacks a man, named Henry Slocombe, his girlfriend comes home and she immediately becomes a collateral damage. The attacker escapes with Henry’s car and he is later arrested, since the police put out an A.P.B for Slocombe’s car. Nick and Hank interrogate him, but since Nick is not a Grimm any more, he cannot tell if the guy is a Wessen or not. However, they do have a backup plan and it includes Trubel. She attacks the guy in front of the police station after he is released and he voges. They now have the confirmation that he is the Gedachtnis Essen, the Wessen that steals other people’s memories and leaves them demented.

Meanwhile, Rosalee and Monroe visit Juliette, who is surprised to see them, since they are supposed to be on their honeymoon. However, the newly weds decided that they will rather stay and try to help Nick. Since Sean, who currently cannot help them, was the only one, who knew what was in the bottle which Trubel was supposed to give Nick, they will need a backup plan. Monroe and Rosalee decide to start looking for cure at the spice shop and they are ready to do just about everything to help Nick to become a Grimm again.

Hank is trying to track down Adalind, since she is the one who is responsible for this entire mess. However, he soon discovers that the Hexinbiest is on a plane to Vienna. Well, Adalind still does not know that the Royals do not have her daughter and she will probably lose her mind when she discovers the truth.

Season 4 premiere of Grimm closes with a blonde woman, who is walking down the hall in the hospital and she is headed to Sean’s room. As soon as she comes in front of his room, Renard’s vital signs start dropping and after several attempts to revive him, doctors declare the time of death. The woman, who was previously only shown from behind and she looked like Adalind, is just standing there as she witnesses Sean’s death.

Who is this woman anyway? Did she cause Sean’s death, since his vital signs started dropping as soon as she came near his room? Is she good or bad? Will she help the gang or is she on the side of the Royals? Many new questions arose during the Grimm season premiere and it will most certainly be interesting to see how things will develop in season four.

By: Janette Verdnik


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