Grimm Season Finale: Chain Reaction Destroys Wedding of the Year (Recap)

grimmThe Grimm season finale is titled Blond Ambition, which turns out to be quite appropriate, as Adalind’s actions cause a huge chain reaction, which eventually destroys the wedding of the year.

As the season finale opens, the action begins. Adalind has already mixed a potion which turns her into Juliette and her first move is to visit Sean. She tells him that she still has feelings for him and then she starts kissing him. Because her face starts changing, she runs away in a hurry and tells Sean to call her. Even though her visit was short and unexpected, she managed to plant the seed and confuse Renard. Bitsie Tulloch did a great job playing the role of the changed Adalind. By the way she spoke and acted, the viewers could feel that Adalind was somewhere underneath, even though she looked like Juliette.

In the meantime, the real Juliette is at a rehearsal for the wedding. During the dinner, there comes a toast and it is very nice to see that Monroe’s dad finally came to his senses. Since he was against the wedding by all means and has almost lost his son, Monroe’s father now seems to be a changed man. He has realized that he was wrong and that his son is truly happy with Rosalee. The fact that a Grimm will be their son’s best men is also completely acceptable with Monroe’s parents now.

After she successfully confuses Sean, Adalind calls Juliette and tells her that Renard has been acting very strange. She expresses her concerns that his obsession may have returned. Because it is a busy day for her, Juliette tells her that she does not want any of this. Later, Sean also calls Juliette because he wants to talk about what happened, but the real Juliette has no idea what he is talking about and is very confused.

As they return from the dinner, Rosalee’s and Monroe’s family goes to sleep. They wake up in the middle of the night because there is some noise coming from downstairs. They find Rosalee’s older sister, who had a little too much wine. She is wearing Rosalee’s wedding dress, which is destroyed because she spilled red wine all over it. She tells her sister that she cannot let her get married in this dress because she did it two times and both of her marriages ended with an unhappily ever after. The next morning, both families accompany Rosalee to buy a new dress and luckily they find one. Since it costs over $7.000, it is too expensive for Rosalee and Monroe’s parents buy it for her. Rosalee’s sister is devastated and feels very bad about what happened, but Monroe surprises her when he reveals that he and Rosalee both hated the dress.

Adalind calls Juliette again and tells her that she has a potion for Sean to cure his renewed obsession. Juliette tells her that she is headed out and that she does not have the time to sprinkle anything over Renard. Juliette hangs the phone and leaves the house. In the meantime, Nick and Trubel move the trailer onto a more secure location. It turns out that Nick bought a piece of land somewhere in the woods and now the trailer is harder to be found. They have a bonding session while they are moving the trailer and at one point Trubel ask Nick if there is any possibility to escape from the fact that you are a Grimm. He tells her that it eventually catches up on you. As he tells her the story about his long-lost mother who was presumably dead, Trubel says that she has no idea how she would react if she would see her parents.

After they come back home, Nick goes into his bedroom, where Juliette is waiting for him, wearing nothing but a negligee. Of course, it is not the real Juliette. Adalind successfully infiltrated Nick’s home, as the real Juliette told her in their phone conversation earlier that she is heading out. The fake Juliette seduces Nick and gets in a quickie before they have to leave to the wedding. When she is leaving the house, she runs into Trubel. When she says that she hates bacon (the night before, the real Juliette told Trubel that she loves bacon), Trubel senses that something is off. Following her instincts, she immediately heads after Juliette, who gets into an awaiting cab and in a blink of an eye, she is Adalind again. It is priceless to the confusion on Trubel’s face

In the meantime, sergeant Wu discovers Adalind’s location and Sean heads over there. When he arrives, Adalind is nowhere to be seen, so he takes a look around the storage unit. As Renard finds the hat, the potion and the book of spells, he figures out what Adalind has been up to. He pours some of the potion into a bottle and heads over to Nick’s house. Unfortunately, Nick is already on his way to the wedding, so Sean explains everything to Trubel. She gives him the location of the wedding and in the second Sean opens the door to leave, he gets shot. FBI agent Weston is obviously still around, looking for vengeance. Trubel runs and he goes after her. Weston catches up on her and eventually, Trubel cuts his head off with a machete. She calls the ambulance, takes the potion from Sean’s hands and heads off to the wedding to save Nick, who apparently has to drink the potion before something bad happens.

When the real Juliette returned home, she was surprised to see her negligee lying on the floor. On their way to the wedding, she is very quiet and Nick tells her that she was not like that before. They get into a fight, as Juliette accuses him of sleeping with another woman in their house. Nick is confused, telling her that he did indeed sleep with a woman. Her. They continue to talk it out and eventually, they figure out that Adalind is behind it. They arrive to the wedding in a bad mood, but they have to put up a smile, because it is a big day for their friends.

The wedding starts and Rosalee looks stunning in her wedding dress. Nick is wearing his sun glasses and he looks like a Secret Service agent. Monroe and Rosalee both exchange their vows. In the meantime, Trubel is driving like crazy to get to the wedding in time and Sean is taken to the hospital in the ambulance. Sergeant Wu is at Nick’s house and as he comes to Trubel’s room, he sees the books on her bed. As he opens one of them, he is shocked to see the Aswang, the very same Wesen who previously attacked him and left him thinking that he was crazy.

Just as Monroe kisses his bride, Trubel arrives and crashes the wedding. Wedding guests all freak out when they see that she is a Grimm and Trubel feels no different because everybody at the wedding are a Wessen. The whole situation gets chaotic. Trubel loses the potion as the bottle fells on the floor and shatters. Nick loses his glasses. Monroe, Rosalee, Nick, Juliette, Hank and Trubel manage to escape into another room, where Trubel tells them what happened. After that, Monroe and Rosalee stay at their wedding and the rest of the group escapes in Renard’s SUV.

In the mean time, Sean is not doing so well and he is coughing up blood. Adalind is on the plane, dreaming about being reunited with her daughter. She does not know that her daughter is not with the prince.

The Grimm season finale brings the kicker at its very end. Since he was not able to see any of the people who voged at the wedding, it turns out that Nick is no longer a Grimm. It looks like Adalind took his powers away when she slept with him. Will Nick get his powers back? Will Sean die? How will Adalind react when she will find out that the royals do not have her daughter? Will Trubel stick around now that Nick is not a Grimm anymore? How will Wu react now that he found evidence that he was not crazy and that seeing an Aswan was not just a dream? Obviously, Nick losing his powers is a major cliffhanger and many questions will have to be answered in the next season.

By Janette Verdnik

Paste Magazine
TV Fanatic

8 Responses to "Grimm Season Finale: Chain Reaction Destroys Wedding of the Year (Recap)"

  1. Akibo   August 31, 2014 at 12:32 pm

    The most predictable show I watched in a while. The finale was just the last straw on the camel’s back for me. How comes Renard didn’t guess Adalind was up to cooking some spell when he caught her red handed after breaking into Nick’s house with a hair sample in her bag and Rosalind’s dress? That was a clear pointer, and he was supposed to warn them. besides, how comes did Nick not notice any traces of a fight in his house after Adalind’s encounter with Renard; she used her powers to break a vase; that was a pointer which the writers decided was not important? smh

  2. Mary Lamb   May 19, 2014 at 6:19 pm

    A season finale is suppose to be a cliff hangar.

  3. Kathy Maxwell   May 19, 2014 at 1:07 am

    I think they’ll probably waste half the season with Nick and Juliette dithering before Nick gets his powers back again, if what they did to Juliette and the memory loss is anything to go by. A powerless Nick is not really appealing for a lengthy period of time and it comes off like a comic book cheat.

  4. lambert   May 18, 2014 at 4:26 pm

    The whole episode turned into a frustrating fiasco like bates motel. Introducing trouble was a show of “what else can we throw in”. The writers are getting boring. We don’t need another “once upon a time”. We stopped watching it last season. This might be it for “grim less” as well. To bad because we really enjoyed it till this season. I know it’s just a story but it’s frustrating now a days when the “bad wins over good”.

  5. A Groove s'preme   May 17, 2014 at 10:56 pm

    Great episode for a solid season.

  6. John Hughes   May 17, 2014 at 5:38 pm

    I thought the episode was lame and predictable. I was very disappointed.

    • John Muse   May 18, 2014 at 3:20 am

      If this is the episode that made you realize the show is predictable and cheesy, I feel bad for you. It should have been known since the first episode, and is something fans of the show know and accept. I am more surprised that a fan made it through three seasons before noticing its predictability than I would have been had they not ended the season on a cliff hanger

      • Matt lazzara   May 18, 2014 at 5:27 am

        They could have had one happy ending to the show. Let him keep his powers or make the zombie nick immune to her b.s. now we have 2-4 episodes next season divoted to him getting his power back. They probably won’t waste a whole season to that concept. Grimm-less isn’t exactly appealing. Decent episode but I’m tired of these cliff hangers, bit boring now and as you both said, predictable.


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