Halloween Is Still the Best Holiday Ever


With every passing year it seems that the Halloween decorations come out earlier and earlier. There was a time when you do not see any hints that the holiday was coming until it was almost here. Now the decorations show up right after Labor day! Die hard Halloween fans have been known to start planning for the big day months in advance and this year is no different. As pumpkin patches seem to magically spring up and temporary Halloween supply stores pop up in strip malls in every city, Halloween once again prepares to prove itself as the best holiday ever.

In cities from coast to coast, communities are ramping up for some spooktacular events. The coming celebrations range from low-key kiddie friendly events such as school festivals and church parties that usually feature things like apple bobbing and face painting. The more extreme offerings cater to the not so faint of heart with haunted houses and scary mazes filled with ghouls and goblins. Even the major theme parks like Magic Mountain, Disneyland and Knott’s Scary Farm get in on the fun by decking out their parks in Halloween themes. They offer something for all age groups so the whole family can tag along for a good time.

One of the best things about Halloween that sets it apart from other holidays is the fantasy element. On Halloween, celebrants can become just about anyone or anything they wish, the possibilities are virtually endless. It is the one time of year that it becomes normal to look abnormal and to really use the imagination. Neighbors even compete for the spookiest holiday decorations with elaborate light shows becoming more and more popular. Halloween is probably the best holiday ever just from the candy aspect alone. Millions of dollars are spent every year on just the confectionery side of this exciting holiday.

Although the holiday is steeped in superstition and even believed to encourage devil worship or evil doings, the truth is that it is simply what one makes of it. It was once believed that on All Hollows Eve, the veil between worlds thinned and spirits came thru and roamed the earth. The wearing of masks for Halloween was believed to be a ward against wicked spirits and were used to trick them. In modern times, most people view the holiday as a chance to indulge in fantasy and simply have fun with family and friends. This holiday does not require huge meals be prepared or expensive gifts be purchased so those two facts alone put it at the top of the list for one of the top holidays.

Halloween has been considered an American staple for a very long time and it has provided people with the opportunity to scare themselves silly or stuff themselves sick with sweets. This spectacular holiday will bring out all manner of monsters and ghouls, fairies and princesses. Hopefully, this years celebrations will be safe for everyone everywhere as the Fall season moves into full swing. Halloween will always be considered one of the best holidays ever, mainly because it allows the imagination full reign and the ability to create fantastic memories are endless. So whether October 31st finds people decked out in glittery get ups hitting the streets for some wicked revelry, or curled up in the dark in front of a spooky flick, good times should be easy to find. Happy haunting to all on this day of spooky shenanigans!

Opinion by Mai Nowlin


Photo by Andrea Vergani-Flickr License

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