‘Hunger Games Mockingjay’ Latest Trailer Highlights Love Triangle [Video]

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The Hunger Games has released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Mockingjay – Part 1 film that highlights many aspects of the persistent love triangle between three of the saga’s principal characters. Katniss played by Jennifer Lawrence, Peeta portrayed by Josh Hutcherson and Gale who Australian actor Liam Hemsworth plays are the triumvirate of primary individuals that make up this complicated love dynamic.

The recently released trailer, entitled as “Choice” and presented by Doritos, is very short, amounting to only just over thirty seconds, but there is much depth displayed in the small amount of time. The video begins by showing a public announcement coming from the nation within the film’s capitol. Hutcherson’s character Peeta is seen stating that all rebel forces are to lay down their weapons, presumably to surrender to the government in the full-out war that is about to commence. Lawrence’s portrayal of Katniss displays the character in amazement that Peeta is still alive, for his fate was unknown at the end of the previous film Catching Fire.

Katniss is seen making no recognition of the fact that Peeta is so willingly making a stand for the capitol, an action that would have been considered to never occur judging from the character in the preceding films. Lawrence’s character seems completely entranced by only Peeta’s face as she moves closer to the television screen he is displayed on. Hemsworth’s character, Gale is shown throwing a jealous scowl towards Katniss, as he is undoubtably angered by not only what Peeta is saying on the air, but also by the fact that Lawrence’s character is completely infatuated with Hutcherson’s character.

A few cuts in the Hunger Games trailer later, Gale aggressively states to Katniss that he would rather die than say anything like what Peeta expresses in the telecast. This particular line is most likely responsible for the trailer’s title “Choice” as Gale begins his rant by stating everyone has a choice, leading audiences to believe that Katniss may have been arguing with him in Peeta’s defense since Hutcherson’s character may seemingly have no choice but to do the capitol’s bidding while in captivity.

The action-packed drama that The Hunger Games is known for is very evident towards the end of the trailer as visuals of a raging war of the capitol against the rebel alliance are revealed. In closing, Katniss is asked by a group of refugees if she will fight with them. The Hunger Games hero bravely states that she will and the iconic four-note melody of the mockingjay is heard as the saga’s insignia is formed revealing the full title The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1.

The Hunger Games has joined the bandwagon of high-grossing blockbuster series turning the final installment into a two-part film. Twilight and Harry Potter were among the first to do so and the additional young adult sci-fi series Divergent will also follow suit with the lengthening strategy. One can argue that the divide is for the better, as more of the story from the original novels can be told, while others say the creation of two parts will be too much of a stretch. Perhaps the upcoming box office numbers will be the judge of that.

In addition to highlighting the love triangle between Katniss, Peeta and Gale, the latest Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 trailer has excited fans even more. With but a month to go before release, the next installment is scheduled to released in theaters on Nov. 21, 2014. The aforementioned trailer can be viewed below.

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