June Shannon’s Boyfriend Threatened to Kill Daughter If She Claimed Abuse

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New details have come to light regarding former Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star June Shannon and the abuse that happened to her at age eight, which she suffered at the hands of convicted child molester (and her mother’s rumored new boyfriend) Mark McDaniel The abuse reportedly only came to an end because Anna Cardwell eventually told one of her teacher’s about what she was experiencing, which she had previously refrained from doing due to McDaniel having threatened her life if she informed anyone of the molestation.

Upon revealing her circumstance to her instructor, however, the now 52-year-old was caught before he could act true on his threat and subsequently sentenced to 10 years in jail. He was released back in March of this year, which is when 35-year-old Shannon reportedly struck up a relationship with him again. She has since denied all allegations, stating that she left the man due to his crime and has not seen or talked to him since. This statement has already proved most likely false, as a photograph showing the two in a hotel room together last month surfaced on the internet a few weeks ago, kick starting the chain of events that ended in the family’s TLC reality television show being canceled.

20-year-old Cardwell has since expressed the hurt and disappointment she feels over her mother’s reconnection with McDaniel, and says she cannot believe Shannon would expose her other three daughter’s to the man, most significantly nine-year-old Alana Thompson (a.k.a Honey Boo Boo and the star of the formerly hit show), after what McDaniel subjected her to all those years ago. Shannon, however, is said to have not believed the girl when she told the mother her story, insisting that he would not ever do such a thing and that she was clearly fabricating a story in order to get rid of the man her mother loved. At the same time, however, she did say that the reason she left McDaniel all those years ago was due to the molestation, so the woman has been flip-flopping on her story since the news first broke.

Her other daughter, 14-year-old Lauryn Shannon, has since come to her mother’s aid and defended her against the above allegations of their relationship having been renewed. She has given statements backing up Shannon on the claim that there has been no contact for 10 years, and that people are spreading hurtful rumors for no reason. Lauryn has specifically put one of her own family members on blast for these rumors, calling out uncle Lee Thompson (brother of Mike ‘Sugar Bear’ Thompson), via Instagram a few days ago. Thompson has since fired back, saying that the girls are merely upset at the show being canceled and will realize the gravity of the situation in due time. Lauryn’s defense of her mother is viewed by many as merely a coping tactic in order to deal with the fact that she reportedly witnessed what happened to her sister, and was merely three years old at the time of the incident. Georgia Family Services are currently investigating the situation, in order to decide whether or not to seize custody of Shannon’s three minor daughters, the oldest of which is 17-year-old Jessica Shannon.

It remains to be seen whether this recent information regarding Mark McDaniel’s threats to June Shannon’s daughter will cause GFS to take action against the woman to protect her children. They are reportedly still taking all aspects of the situation under consideration in order to do what is best for the girls.

By Rebecca Grace

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